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G, H, and I

I’ve already missed a couple of days of the Encyclopedia of Meme, so I thought that I would group a few together. I am really trying to challenge myself to finish this. So here are a few that I have missed.


G- Get a job!! My son Aaron stayed at my sister-in-law’s for a few days. They run their own veterinary clinic and put that boy to work! He cleaned out cages, did the laundry, and assisted in a cesarean for a little pit bull. He rubbed the puppies with a warm cloth after they had been delivered. He was so proud of all that he did, but at the same time, decided that becoming a vet is not what is in his future. I think the sight of blood and other liquids was a complete shock to him. He did admit to being a little woozy. It was a great experience for him and he did enjoy himself.(And made $20!!) When not at the clinic, he was helping his Aunt with her twin 6 month old girls. He had his hands full! But I’ve never seen him so proud. Wow! 10 years old! He’s growing up too fast and the time is just whizzing by.


H-Happy 34th Birthday, David! Friday was my husband’s birthday and we had a great time celebrating. We had a craft day and all of the kids made Daddy a card. I worked on this cute little banner. It says,”Happy B*Day David”.  I caught a lot of flack for not spelling out birthday. I told him he wasn’t worth the irth! Just kidding, of course. We had a couple of friends over and munched on appetizer type foods. It was a good night.


I- Icing on the cake! Instead of a traditional cake, I made him a fruit pizza. I love making cakes, but I was a bit crunched for time. The fruit pizza is an old favorite from 9th grade home ech. The crust is sugar cookie dough. You roll it in a pizza pan and bake it like normal and let it cool. Then cream cheese gets a whipping with sugar and vanilla extract. Spread it on the cooled cookie. Top it with any kind of fruit, but my faves are strawberry, mandarin oranges, and kiwi. They just have the best color combos and look the prettiest. I usually put the cookie crust into a new pizza box before decorating. It looks great and is super, super easy! Great to bring to a school event or I just had a piece for breakfast! Yum!!


2 thoughts on “G, H, and I

  1. Aaron looks so proud with his little pup! I’m feeling so sorry for that the poor c-section mommy!

    And the cookie-fruit pizza was delicious. I was stuffed when I got home. :o)

  2. You must be so proud of your son! His experience at the clinic will color his attitude about so many things that are in his future. When he gets back to school and compares note with his friends he’ll probably be suprised at how many of them spent the summer getting to level 101 on some video game.

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