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burn out.

I’m an artist working from home. Glamorous, right? Don’t get me wrong. I am #blessed. I love what I do but sometimes that’s the problem. I can rarely turn it off. Creating new art is barely half of what I do. Administrative and marketing tasks take up quite a bit of my time, too. And when I do leave the studio, I’m often thinking about being in the studio….


The journey of commercial art takes so much. Organization, constant creativity, but also a thick skin and monster focus. There is so much rejection in the consumer art world that it can wear on you at times. It is SO important to take care of yourself, to make real time for yourself. To give yourself permission to really shut down. Even though we think we are taking time off, we are often still checking social media, which is not shutting down!

IMG_3340Last week, my body forced a shut down. I think it was a combo of the winter blues and overworking myself, combined with the stresses of parenting, marriage, and just life. My energy was so low that I knew I needed some rest. I took a beginner yoga class and enjoyed just breathing and emptying my brain. I also spent a lot of time in the barn, grooming the horses and shoveling @#$!. It was just what I needed.


This week, I am back in the studio, feeling refreshed and ready to rock it out again. I am still going to go full force in my creative biz, but I know how important it is to take the time for myself. Real time. Outside. Breathing.

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all dried up.

I borrowed a dehydrator from a friend to see if I need one. I made raisins, banana chips and apple rings. While they are tasty, there are just some things that I’d rather buy. I have been enamored with making some of my own staple items, like yogurt and ricotta cheese.

I’m glad that I did it. I’m glad that I can. BUT- I keep thinking that for a couple of dollars more, I can buy some! The older I get, the more precious my time feels. I want to focus more on cooking the actual meals than the ingredients. Maybe someday I’ll get back to making everything from scratch but for now I’ll savor time with my darling, my babes and my horse!

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patience and hoarding.

Ahhh. Paper whites grown from bulbs. It’s such a different experience for an instant gratification girl like me. I like it. Much more gratifying to watch the process and see each one bloom.  I love the simple beauty of these flowers. I especially love the humble pot they are growing in, a $1  garage sale find. And this is my problem.

You’d think, “it’s a dollar, why not?” But the issue is that I’m the one who has to store this, as well as all of the other treasures that I find. I love junk! Yes, I did look at that old pot and couldn’t live without it. Weird? But look at how pretty my paper whites look in it! I buy things that I don’t need. period. I just have a gift , or a curse, of seeing the  possibilities.

 I bought an old carriage seat to make into a coffee table, I made my sister buy a mink collared coat because it was a gem of a find and don’t even get me started on the bicycle that is sitting in my dining room. Oh, but it was so beautifully worn, a vintage white John Deere that is going to look so cute with a basket hanging in the front with flowers and french baguettes peeping over the top…. sorry, excuse me while I gain my composure. My husband took one look at it and sarcastically asked, “what, are you going to make that into our new dining room table, or something?” The man knows me too well but he is so wrong. It’s going on the wall, of course.