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Unfurling: a creative bookshare, no.2

I’ve been taking advantage of Christmas break to play in the studio. It’s been fun practicing sketching and shading. It not only exercises your hands but your eyes! Amazing how we draw what we want to see instead of what is actually there.

Today I started the portrait painting. I used a picture of my Mia and ended up with this rough sketch.

Believe me, I thought it was ugly, too! A good tip that is in the book is to keep going when it seems unsalvagable. It’s all about the layers!!

 While it doesn’t at all resemble my Mia (maybe 50 years later), I am pleasantly surprised at how much better it turned out than I thought it would. Not my forte but I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Gotta have the courage to push past the ugly!

Book Review

Unfurling: a creative bookshare, no.1

Ever since the movie, Julie and Julia, I have wanted to work through a book, whether it be a cookbook or craft book. That was back in 2009 and today is the day that I am going to start!

I’ve had this book for a few years and it’s time that I opened it and see where it takes me. It’s called Unfurling, a mixed media workshop with Misty Mawn. I’m just in the mood to explore and it feels like just the path I want to take.

Even though part if me wanted to skip the beginning basics, I made myself start in the front. Look at me- already procrastinating!! I’m glad that I took the time. It reminds me that practice is necessary. I spend so much time on the computer and doing doodles in ink that it’s a great exercise to stay in shape, so to speak.

I’m ready for the journey!

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Frida Themed Art Party

My Mia turned 12 and it was her turn to have a birthday party this year. With 3 kids, we’ve always taken turns having parties, but family celebrations are special, too.

There’s a wonderful local artists’ gallery and learning center in town that makes a great venue for an art party.

I bought the invites and other fun party goods from this etsy seller. I had most of it printed at Staples.

The girls made bold flowery headbands while waiting for guests to arrive.

  I transferred a design onto each canvas and it was so much fun seeing how unique each one turned out!
   As a finishing touch, I added some glitz using  Deco Foil. It added that extra something to make each piece POP! 

What a fiesta we had celebrating my sweet Mia!

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Industrial Pipe + Wood Studio Furniture

I am addicted to making stuff with galvanized piping!!

I needed a new cutting table since our move and this worked out perfectly. It’s sturdy and beautifully imperfect!

I made an additional 7′ table to have my sewing machines all set up. One for me and one for my girls. I have plenty of piping left for more projects. New stair rails, a closet makeover, benches, something for the barn… This could get crazy!

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Quilt Market 2015!


Oh My Goodness! I did it! I had my first booth at the International Quilt Market in Houston. Crazy. I packed up my gear and my two little girls and off we went. Well… it wasn’t quite that easy but pretty close.


My bestie and I have romped the aisles of Quilt Market for half a dozen years and now it’s time to cross it off the bucket list! It was surreal to be behind the scenes and actually doing it. I am beyond blessed to have such an encouraging husband and a friend willing to help me lasso a dream.

So here’s my booth:

IMG_5095[1]A few things: I had the smallest available, 6×10, and it was just right. One of the best pieces of advice was to drive my display if possible. It is so much more less expensive than shipping it to the convention center. Hence, the display created from industrial pipe and wood(soon to be reconstructed into a new cutting table for the studio).

IMG_5113[1]I was so ridden with anxiety before the show! As an artist and crafter, I spend much of my creative time alone and it felt so good to put myself out there and feel all the LOVE. Ziggy was a hit! I had 3 intentions for this show. 1) Exposure for my sewing patterns to quilt shops 2)Exposure to sewing pattern distributors 3)Exposure as a surface designer for collaboration opportunities. I put myself out there and now it’s time to “pound the pavement” with everything that I learned and reach out to people that I’ve met on this wild ride!

IMG_5142[1]So glad that I showed up for myself in this way! I don’t know what I would, or could, have done differently. I put my heart+soul into the preparation and had so much fun being there. I am so giddy with excitement about the possibilities that this show has opened up to me. EEEK! I still can’t believe that I did it!!