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flower adornments.

I made a couple of easy embellishments for my daughter’s outfit for “wear what you want to ballet day”. It needed some girly accents, not to mention a bit of color.

I started with these supplies. A sheer fabric, silk layered flower and some bling!

Cut out 8 circles slightly larger than the diameter of your flower. I like to use pinking sheers to add texture. Fold 2 circles and place them side by side, folded edges together.

Fold 2 more circles and place them perpendicular to the 1st pair. Repeat this same pattern for the next 2 pairs of circles until you have 4 layers.

Detach your flower from the stem and plastic parts. Carefully center it on top of your circles and pin in place. Sew an X in the center, making sure to secure each layer.

After hot gluing your bling to the center of the flower, attach a safety pin for clothing. I also made one attached to a pony tail holder. I zig zag stitched it to the circles before I added the flower.

I think it’s just what this outfit needed.

I know these girls thought so!

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more glitter!


I spyed a similar project in one of Martha’s special holiday issues.


I have had these molds for as long as I can remember. I just can’t remember why I have them. I think I must have felt like no well stocked gourmet kitchen should be without these molds. Alas, they have never been used.


I first painted the inside with craft glue. The glue was not sticking to the metal. I quickly switched to a spray adhesive. Which I definately recommend using outside! I sprinkled them with glitter and I love them! After adding the tealights, they just sparkled. I think they look so much grander grouped together on a cake stand.

Holidays! · instant gratification! · whichcraft?



This is a post about glitter! It brings me back to elementary school. I forgot how fun glitter can be. So shiny. So sparkly!  How about the new Holiday Sparkle banner? It’s glitter!! ….ok. enough about glitter. Let me start off by telling you what I had wanted to do. and it doesn’t involve glitter.


I have a gazillion white cupcake liners. They are the ones that separate the foil cupcake liners. I’ve been saving them up for a Christmas craft. They look so elegant and fluttery. Kind of like a ballet tutu. Well, in my mind, I had it all mapped out. I was going to cover 3 styrofoam cones to be Christmas trees. Well… this is how it turned out.


Not as dainty as I had expected. I love the “Elizabethan” collar quality that they have, but not quite what I had envisioned. I’ll have to save them for another craft. But there is a happy ending. That’s where the glitter comes in.


I sprayed the cones with spray adhesive and rolled them in glitter. I did about 3 coats for each one. Topped them with a miniature ornament, more glue and glitter, and tadaaaa! I love how they look on top of those mini cake stands. I don’t know what it is about the number 3 that appeals to me, but it works. Things just look better in groups of 3. I think I might even like this plan better than the cupcake liners. It was easier and faster, that’s for sure! Glitter!! Who knew? I’m always the last to know.


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all I have to say is…T.G.I.F.

this weekend is way overdue! Here’s a quick little project that I did today. Good for those of you going to Home Improvement Mart this weekend!


I just applied this paint sample card to an adhesive lined magnetic sheet and cut the middle out with an exacto knife. Since I have commitment issues when it comes to what gets hung up, this project fit me like a glove!

Have a great weekend! We are starting ours with a little fiesta with wild rice, corn and cheese quesadillas. As well as this recipe that I have been dying to try!

Chuy’s Jalapeno Ranch Dip – the Real Deal



  1. Mix first 5 ingredients in a blender until smooth.
  2. Stir in ranch mix with a whisk.
  3. Chill and serve.
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Clipboard Love!!


I found these cheap little clipboards on sale for 97 cents. I instantly knew they would make a great project that just might break all barriers of age and gender. I whipped out all of my scrapbook paper, magazine cut-outs, stamps, stickers, hole punchers,paint pens and my new favorite art supply… PAINT SAMPLE CARDS. I’ve been using these for everything. Seriously, it was no holds barred! We used it all! What a great project to purge all of my scraps.

Shara, 15


A regular glue stick worked just fine, as long as the entire surface was being covered. We also used Sobu applied with a paintbrush. Afterwards, I put on 2 coats of Mod Podge.

Andy, 12


We had so much fun and each one of them came out so different. Everyone is super pleased with them. I had so much fun, I could make 10 more!

Mia Pia Momma Mia, 4


I don’t know if I am turnning into some crazy pack rat lady, but I am constantly ripping pages out of magazines. Not just recipes or projects, but really random stuff. A big patch of grass or denim that I know I can cut shapes out of. Crazy, I know. But hey, you can’t say they didn’t come in handy.

Cindy, “does it really matter?”


This the back of mine.


This heart cut out is actually made from a bunch of thread spools. Probably Blueprint or Real Simple. Neither of which I still get. But it turns out that it wasn’t ripped out in vain. Sorry for the crappy photos. It was already getting dark out and I wanted to post these before we went on vacation. That reminds me. I still need to post on our “staycation”. Our trip in our own backyard. Coming soon!