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Free at last, free at last! My latest sewing pattern is finally finished!

Say HELLO! to The Birdcage Collectif:: a sewing pattern trio.


Let your creativity take flight and sew up this sculptural collection of aviary inspired pieces.  Vintage, whimsical, industrial, or whatever your style these will add that special touch to your displays and décor by hanging them from the ceiling or resting them on stacks of vintage books or cake stands.

This sewing pattern trio includes detailed instructions and diagrams to create:

Grande Birdcage with optional perch  11”H,8 ½ “W

Petit Birdcage 5 ½ “H, 5”W

Petit Ami Bird 3 ½ “H, 1 ½ “W, 6 ½ “L

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… 144 boxed corners later.

36 totes for our church’s ladies’ retreat. Check!
Boxed corners give an everyday tote depth and dimension but it can add so much work to an already heavy load. I usually align the side and bottom seams, pin, measure, sew and cut. I found a much quicker process for this job.
For a 4″ boxed corner, I cut out a cardboard 2″ x 2″ square. I traced it onto the bottom corners of the sewn fabric, including the seam allowance, and cut them out.
I opened it up, aligned the side and bottom seams and stitched away, using my presser foot as the seam allowance. Done!
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kid friendly bandanas.

It’s dress up time! My girls dressed up for a Western adventure and no cowgirl is complete without her bandana. They wore them to school so I didn’t want them to have to deal with the traditional knotted bandana. I applied a denim button on to one side and an elastic loop to the other.

Perfect solution! They could easily take it on and off and it was never too tight. Not too shabby!

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tutorial:: the hooded scarf

This wrap is light but cozy enough for those chilly spring nights.


  • 2- 10″x14″ pieces of fabric, for the ends of the scarf
  • 9″x64″ fleece, I chose fleece because the ends do not need to be finished
  • 1/2″ seam allowance

1. Fold fleece in half, right sides together, making a 9″x32″ rectangle.

2. With folded edge on top, pin right edge and stitch down 9″.


3. Flatten corner of hood. Use a small plate to mark a curve at the corner.  


4. Pin and stitch.


5. Trim seam allowance to 1/4″. Set  scarf aside.


6. Fold fabric in half , right sides together, making a 10″x7″ rectangle.

7. With the folded edge on the bottom, pin and stitch each 7″ side. Leave the top open.

8. Line up the small plate with the seam and bottom edge. Mark the curved corner.


9. Stitch along that line and trim the seam allowance.


10. Clip curves.


11. Turn right side out and press.

12. Stitch in 1/2″ around the top unfinished edge. This will be the fold line.


13. Fold the fabric in at the stitch line and press all the way around.


14. Mark bottom edge of fleece up 2″.


15. Sandwich the edge of the fleece into the fabric “pocket” with the top edge of the fabric aligned with the line on the fleece. Pin in place and stitch all the way around the fabric.


16. Topstitch 1/8″ all the way around the fabric.


17. Wrap up your little diva and enjoy!