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2010 Quilt Market:: eye candy.

This was our 4th annual trip to Quilt Market in Houston. It was much anticipated and much enjoyed! I went with my P.I.C. (partner in crime) Linda and we finally arrived a day early to enjoy schoolhouse. Worth going!  It was great checking out the new fabric lines, meeting up and coming designers and enjoying inspiring eye candy. I’ll start with the eye candy!!

Ready to start the day! My little red shopping cart only gets pulled out once a year for this very trip and it has become like the 3rd wheel on the trip. It wouldn’t be Quilt Market without it!

There’s always crazy vibrant energy at the Echino for Seven Islands booth.

Moda never dissapoints.


Art Gallery









The Quilted Fish

Oh, yeah… and there was fabric there, too. Anna Maria Horner. Crushing on her new line.

I’ll share the more about the designers tomorrow!

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3rd annual quest for quilt market!

We had so much fun in Houston this weekend at the International Quilt Market. Here are a few highlights. Craftapple‘s Linda and I met up with Melanie from Above All Fabric. After a long day of traveling and too much frivolous spending at Sample Spree, we started off fresh in the morning.


One of the best things about Quilt Market, besides meeting the designers, seeing new fabric, a frenzy of eye candy and hanging out with good friends, is seeing all of the booth spaces! Take a look at Anna Maria Horner’s. Her new line had me the most worked up.




Check out Heather Bailey’s. That’s her behind the door. Her new line is my fave of hers, so far.





We ran into Kathy Mack of the ever popular Pink Chalk Studio. Both her and her mother were so lovely.


The Michael Miller zone was so much fun. It was their 10th anniversary so they went all out!


There were also some great photo ops from Moda.



Amy Butler


Paula Prass


Sandi Henderson


Well, those are all the pictures I’ve got. We had a great time and I will be looking forward to next year.

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2nd annual quest for Quilt Market


It was that time of year again! Back to Houston for an adventure. We kicked off the weekend cocktailing at Fabric 2.0. It was a breathtaking view. And who do you think I spotted when I first walked in?


Jay McCarroll! The winner of the 1st season of Project Runway. Still the coolest runway show to date!! He was charismatic and cute as can be. And has a new line out to boot. Think Japanese cute on acid. A little scared of the vampire bunny, but that’s my issue.


After the mixer we went to Sample Spree. Honestly…it was more fun standing in line talking with people. Not much to see, not much to buy. This is me buying fabric ink. I don’t know if I got a good deal, probably not. I just wanted to buy something.


The next day was spent gawking over new fabric, beautiful spaces, and famous faces. I swear my husband and friends make so much fun of me for freaking out over designers and bloggers I love. I don’t care. I was having such a good time.


Jessica Jones had such a cute booth. She was super nice and super talented. I love her logo. That is Melanie from Above All Fabric. She was super sweet, as well.


Sandi Henderson from Portabellopixie had an inspiring booth. Have you seen her sewing patterns? She has set quite a bar. That’s me, Sandi, Melanie and Linda.


Paula Prass, loved her, her booth, and everything in it!


Saw an old friend. Hoodie!!! Look at her new line for Blank Quilting. She is too cute and I love the modern take on Asian classics. Check out her other prints!


Jay McCarroll’s funky booth. Vivid, young and fresh!


Heather Bailey, of course. I was such an uber-dork in front of her. 


Heather’s sister-in-law Laura Gunn. She has a line coming out with Michael Miller. Can’t wait!

We visited with a couple of other people you may have heard of. Amy Butler and Anna Maria Horner. Got their signed books, but no photo. Of course they were cool as can be. Already looking forward to next year!!

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views from the backseat.

I’ve been in Maine for a few days now visiting my grandparents. BY MYSELF…WITHOUT THE KIDS!! It was nice at first, but by the 2nd day the novelty had worn off. I miss my little ones, as well as the not so little. The weather is so glorious “right now”. Cool and crisp. Just the right temperature. But I am easily spotted as not being from around here with my short sleeves and flip flops.


We went for lunch at a nearby restaurant this afternoon. I use the term “nearby” loosely, seeing as it took us half an hour to get there. But the scenery kept us busy.






Look at the charming  town. So calm, simple, beautiful. Makes me think I wasn’t meant for the suburbs.

It’s always a pleasure to be here in this part of the country. I can’t wait to come back. But first, I’m looking forward to being reunited with my beloved family. I hope the package I sent gets there before I do. I sent them a box full of fall leaves, acorns, pine branches, a pumpkin and of course some candy!

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greetings from Alabama

vintage collectible postcards of Alabama ~ Albany, Alexander City, Anniston, Auburn, Bay Minnette, Birmingham, Camp McClellan, Citronelle, Cullman, Decatur, Dothan, Ensley, Enterprise, Fairfield, Florence, Forkland, Fort Morgan, Fort Payne, Gadsen, Huntsville, Lake Guntersville, Livingston, Luverne, Marion, Mobile, Montevallo, Montgomery, Muscle Shoals, Mt.Cheaha State Park, New Decatur, Opelika, Oxford, Ozark, Piedmont, Phenix City, Selma, Shocco Springs, Sylacauga, Tuscaloosa, Tuscumbia, Tuskegee, Warrior

The kids and I decided to visit some family in Alabama for the long Columbus weekend. It was only a short 12 hour drive. But it was a gorgeous drive. This was the setting as we were leaving Dallas. Is there a better way to start off the day?


My trusty co-pilot…


A few things we didn’t know about Alabama…

It is gorgeous!! So scenic with rollings hills and picturesque tree lines with beautiful foliage. Very New England, not that the north is better, but it is a region I love.


There is a space center there. Never would have thought.



This is where The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine has retired! just kidding.


“Chico” fits in anywhere!




We have had such a fine time here with people we love! We can’t wait for our return!


me & my little cuz!

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To Market, To Market

To market, to market to Houston we went;
Home again, home again, jiggety-jent.
To market, to market, both Linda and I;
Home again, home again, jiggety-jye.

I had the pleasure of going to Quilt Market yesterday in Houston. We were like giddy school girls! It was so exciting to be able to go. By ourselves!! I don’t get many chances to enjoy myself without the whole famoo.(family, in case you don’t know what a famoo is) I had such a great time walking around at my own pace. Here are a few highlights from Market.

We snapped a couple of photos with Heather Bailey.  She is actually crouching down a bit. She is tall! Not to mention stylish and beautiful. She seemed like a really sweet person.


This is our little masked crusader at the Michael Miller booth where her patterns and products were displayed. I felt like such a proud Mama. I was so excited for her.


This was the highlight of the day. We got a new signed copy of Amy Butler’s book and a good photo. Do I look dorkily happy enough? Why is everyone so tall? Is it me?


We met a couple of new designers that really stood out. Tina Givens , who is with Free Spirit, had some really gorgeous and vibrant new fabrics coming out. She was a really lovely lady.


I didn’t catch her name, but we met this cute Japanese Jersey Girl whose line was Hoodie’s. She had some amazing patterns and worked wonders with a collection of really great vintage fabrics.


We also stopped by Leisl’s booth, Oliver + S. Her patterns and packaging are a cut above the rest. I loved the vintage concept with a modern flair. I will definitely be testing those patterns out!


I loved looking at people’s booth space. It is amazing to me how they transform nothing into these beautiful spaces. I wish I had some pics, but I was too busy being in awe. Amy Butler’s had a cool lounge feel. Tina Givens’ space was fun and elegant in browns and whites. Oliver + S’ was clean, crisp and fun.

I had an amazing time and I can’t wait to go again. It was worth the trek. Nine hours of driving, but I could have went a few more. There’s no one else I would have rather went with. I guess your prayer worked?!

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C is for Canton, Texas


I have been waiting for this day for so long! A friend and I went to Canton’s First Monday Market. It was about an hour and a half drive. It was so overwhelming. I have always wanted to go and couldn’t sleep a wink last night.


I love flea markets!! There were miles and miles of lost treasures to be found. And of course, I wanted to search every mile. Well, I think we did pretty good. Despite the hot and humid weather, we trudged up and down booths searching for who knows what. At times, I got a little discouraged. Everything seemed to be so overpriced, but as the day went on that problem solved itself. There was so much cool stuff, but not a place for it in my home. The only thing I really didn’t like was the sale of new products. As Seen on Tv types of things, crafts, and plastic made in Taiwan items. Great if I was planning on going to a craft show or the dollar store, but I was on a mission.

It was so extremely hot that we both resorted to buying some fabric contraption soaked in ice water from a cooler. You wear it around your neck and it’s filled with some sort of gel substance. It looked and felt like the stuff you find in diapers after they are really wet. Of course, I don’t have any pics of that. The fabric choices weren’t exactly stylin’. She chose one with a lovely display of John Deere green tractors. And I chose to go the patriotic route and opted for an amazingly country American flag motif. Needless to say, it was Texas in August and I would have done just about anything to cool off!


I came home with things that I never knew I needed.I found a cute little dresser that will go in the sewing room. And a bookshelf to go in there, as well. And tons of old Golden Books. I couldn’t come home empty handed for the famoo.


I found this set of pineapple-artichoke-dried leaf-finial things. Who knows what they really are, but after a coat of black spray paint, I can call them mine!


I was hoping to find a set of vintage bocce balls, but settled for this set of billiard balls. Put them in a cool bowl and WHALAH- great table decor for the game room.

Overall, I had a great time treasure hunting with a good friend. I usually like to shop alone, but thoroughly enjoyed the company. Sometimes it’s good to be able to bounce ideas off of each other. I’m ready to go back when the heat stroke wears off.