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Quilt Market 2015!


Oh My Goodness! I did it! I had my first booth at the International Quilt Market in Houston. Crazy. I packed up my gear and my two little girls and off we went. Well… it wasn’t quite that easy but pretty close.


My bestie and I have romped the aisles of Quilt Market for half a dozen years and now it’s time to cross it off the bucket list! It was surreal to be behind the scenes and actually doing it. I am beyond blessed to have such an encouraging husband and a friend willing to help me lasso a dream.

So here’s my booth:

IMG_5095[1]A few things: I had the smallest available, 6×10, and it was just right. One of the best pieces of advice was to drive my display if possible. It is so much more less expensive than shipping it to the convention center. Hence, the display created from industrial pipe and wood(soon to be reconstructed into a new cutting table for the studio).

IMG_5113[1]I was so ridden with anxiety before the show! As an artist and crafter, I spend much of my creative time alone and it felt so good to put myself out there and feel all the LOVE. Ziggy was a hit! I had 3 intentions for this show. 1) Exposure for my sewing patterns to quilt shops 2)Exposure to sewing pattern distributors 3)Exposure as a surface designer for collaboration opportunities. I put myself out there and now it’s time to “pound the pavement” with everything that I learned and reach out to people that I’ve met on this wild ride!

IMG_5142[1]So glad that I showed up for myself in this way! I don’t know what I would, or could, have done differently. I put my heart+soul into the preparation and had so much fun being there. I am so giddy with excitement about the possibilities that this show has opened up to me. EEEK! I still can’t believe that I did it!!


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tying things up.

I am frantically getting ready for my trip to London and tying up loose ends. I had to get a few sewing projects done before leaving. My friend Sarah is following her dreams by opening an art studio for all ages! Check it out! I’ve been slaving away at the art aprons that will be sold up at the studio.

For the ties I used… well, ties. I love the fun patchwork quality they give them. I hope that dozens of creative children get into them and get really messy!


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Getting ready for New Moon… custom Twilight tees.

I can’t believe it’s almost here!! I cannot wait to see Edward+Bella in New Moon! The tickets have been bought, the party been had and of course we made up some t-shirts to wear to the midnight movie.

Of course, there had to be a lot of trial and error in the process. First, I tried printable iron-on transfer paper for dark fabric. Sounds easy enough, right?

twi shirt6

Wrong! This stuff ironed on with a solid white background. Not the effect I was going for. I don’t know how this stuff is supposed to work since the directions state to leave a 1/4 inch border around the image. I decided to try my iron-on transfer paper for light fabrics. I even ironed on a swatch first. The square on the left is for dark and the square on the right is for light. It irons on clear. Perfect…

twi shirt8

After printing the Cullen crest onto the transfer paper(in reverse), I cut it out and was excited to finally put my image on my brand new black shirt!

twi shirt7

Well, guess what. The image didn’t show up on the dark fabric. I hadn’t thought of that. Back to the drawing board.

twi shirt5

My last effort before buying one online was making a freezer stencil. You need your image, freezer paper, cutting mat and an exacto knife.

twi shirt4

This is the best way to trace your image onto the dull side of the freezer paper. You can also print directly on it.

twi shirt3

After carefully cutting it out, iron it onto your shirt with the shiny side down.

twi shirt2

Place a piece of cardboard inside your shirt to keep the paint from soaking thru. Paint a thin layer of fabric paint. Let it dry. Paint a thin layer of fabric glitter. Let it dry. Gently peel off the freezer paper. Admire it with a big smile on your face. 

twi shirt

And we’re ready to roll!

twi shirt9

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3rd annual quest for quilt market!

We had so much fun in Houston this weekend at the International Quilt Market. Here are a few highlights. Craftapple‘s Linda and I met up with Melanie from Above All Fabric. After a long day of traveling and too much frivolous spending at Sample Spree, we started off fresh in the morning.


One of the best things about Quilt Market, besides meeting the designers, seeing new fabric, a frenzy of eye candy and hanging out with good friends, is seeing all of the booth spaces! Take a look at Anna Maria Horner’s. Her new line had me the most worked up.




Check out Heather Bailey’s. That’s her behind the door. Her new line is my fave of hers, so far.





We ran into Kathy Mack of the ever popular Pink Chalk Studio. Both her and her mother were so lovely.


The Michael Miller zone was so much fun. It was their 10th anniversary so they went all out!


There were also some great photo ops from Moda.



Amy Butler


Paula Prass


Sandi Henderson


Well, those are all the pictures I’ve got. We had a great time and I will be looking forward to next year.

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welcome to wonderland.


Little did we know that we would venture into Wonderland this weekend. When we heard we would be attending the Mad Hatter’s tea party we put on our finest. A fancy little lady and the white rabbit…and no, we were not late!


DSCN5366    DSCN5367

We started off by decorating a mad hat!


Down the rabbit hole we fell to the Mad Hatter’s tea party.



 The sleepy little mouse in the teapot.

DSCN5372 copy

  Look at those clever mushrooms. A vanilla wafer glued to a marshmallow with chocolate. DSCN5380


Alice would yell “clean cup” and everyone ran around the table back to their chairs. What a special treat.



After a mad, mad tea party it was time to continue in our adventure. The girls had a relay race to paint the roses red.






The last leg of our trip was spent playing croquet with flamingos, hedgehogs and live cards!

DSCN5386 Time to go! A lovely time was had by all!

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Not Just a Car Organizer

She did it again!! Craftapple has come up with another great and functional pattern. I was more than happy to test sew this pattern, and even happier with the results! Such a great design, and it was exciting to see it take shape and come to life.


I keep this one in the front seat to hold all of my essentials. It’s amazing what will fit in there and how much I have just lying around the car.

edit:: I just wanted to add that my trim is not a reflection of the pattern. I chose to glue mine down, in lieu of sewing the thick and lumpy fabric that I chose!!


This one is for the house. It moves around wherever I feel like I need it. Sometimes it stays on the stairs to round up all the stray tinker toys and “what-nots” that the kids need to take back upstairs. But most of the time it sits in the laundry room to hold things that need to go out of the house… stray tools my husband leaves around the house. a shirt I bought that doesn’t fit quite right that needs to be returned. library books. The possibilities are endless! My husband wants one for his car now. And I know I could use one by the couch to hold magazines and books.


And before I bid you good weekend,  I thought I would share a fun little project that my 4 yr. old Mia and I did. A little collaboration. I had some leftover red burlap from the rice sack bag. I stapled it to an old picture frame that was being discarded and let her draw on the fabric. After she was happy with her work, I started mine. She chose the colors and I did the handstitching. I usually hate hand sewing, but this was truly relaxing and fun. It was a great project, short and sweet!! Have a happy weekend!!!

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To Market, To Market

To market, to market to Houston we went;
Home again, home again, jiggety-jent.
To market, to market, both Linda and I;
Home again, home again, jiggety-jye.

I had the pleasure of going to Quilt Market yesterday in Houston. We were like giddy school girls! It was so exciting to be able to go. By ourselves!! I don’t get many chances to enjoy myself without the whole famoo.(family, in case you don’t know what a famoo is) I had such a great time walking around at my own pace. Here are a few highlights from Market.

We snapped a couple of photos with Heather Bailey.  She is actually crouching down a bit. She is tall! Not to mention stylish and beautiful. She seemed like a really sweet person.


This is our little masked crusader at the Michael Miller booth where her patterns and products were displayed. I felt like such a proud Mama. I was so excited for her.


This was the highlight of the day. We got a new signed copy of Amy Butler’s book and a good photo. Do I look dorkily happy enough? Why is everyone so tall? Is it me?


We met a couple of new designers that really stood out. Tina Givens , who is with Free Spirit, had some really gorgeous and vibrant new fabrics coming out. She was a really lovely lady.


I didn’t catch her name, but we met this cute Japanese Jersey Girl whose line was Hoodie’s. She had some amazing patterns and worked wonders with a collection of really great vintage fabrics.


We also stopped by Leisl’s booth, Oliver + S. Her patterns and packaging are a cut above the rest. I loved the vintage concept with a modern flair. I will definitely be testing those patterns out!


I loved looking at people’s booth space. It is amazing to me how they transform nothing into these beautiful spaces. I wish I had some pics, but I was too busy being in awe. Amy Butler’s had a cool lounge feel. Tina Givens’ space was fun and elegant in browns and whites. Oliver + S’ was clean, crisp and fun.

I had an amazing time and I can’t wait to go again. It was worth the trek. Nine hours of driving, but I could have went a few more. There’s no one else I would have rather went with. I guess your prayer worked?!