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Industrial Pipe + Wood Studio Furniture

I am addicted to making stuff with galvanized piping!!

I needed a new cutting table since our move and this worked out perfectly. It’s sturdy and beautifully imperfect!

I made an additional 7′ table to have my sewing machines all set up. One for me and one for my girls. I have plenty of piping left for more projects. New stair rails, a closet makeover, benches, something for the barn… This could get crazy!

cleaning and organizing · reincarnate::giving old things new life::

the stockings were hung from the ladder? with care…


This is one project I have been itching to do for quite some time. I have a thing for ladders. Since they are going to be taking up space, they might as well be useful. After a crafty day of glitter and glue I thought it was time.


Bigger eyehooks could definately be used, but I had this kit on hand and it did the job just fine. Just measured, drilled and screwed them in.


10 minutes to AWESOME!! Not only does it show off the kids’ Christmas crafts so well, but it’s also a great place to display Christmas cards and photos. Not to mention any stray surprises! I’m going to have this baby working year round.

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got it covered


My 1st sewing machine has been sitting out since my cousin has been here. Now that she’s gone, I can finally put it away. But not before I get rid of that sad.little.torn.vinyl.cover.  It was so easy since I took the original cover apart and used it for a template. I pieced and quilted the pockets. I forgot how tranquil quilting can be. I feel so proud that I started a project and finished it! This was my Saturday afternoon therapy.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! We sure will!!

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quick and easy.


We made this! We actually made homemade sushi. And you know what, it didn’t taste homemade. My husband and I took a class @ Central Market. We had so much fun. We rolled, we ate, we drank. It felt like a first date…a good one, of course.  Between the white boy and the asian girl, he turned out to be the Sushi Master. Who knew? After the class, I still didn’t think we would ever make it again.


But fast forward to several weeks later and here we are. It cost about $80 to feed 7 humans sushi til’ they popped. It was so much fun, and super easy. This was always one of those tasks that seemed way too intimidating. Boy, was I wrong! We’ll be doing that again, and YOU should,too. Let me know how it goes!!


Here is one more super quick and easy project. I finally made something to corral all of my puppy’s “what-nots”. Brush, leash, and yes, his perfume! This project took me about 30 minutes from start to finish. I took some upholstery fabric that I had and cut out a rectangle with rounded corners. Why the rounded corners? Much easier to put binding on. The pockets are made of 3 seperate pieces that are gradually shorter. The top edge of the pockets are finished with scrap binding. Figure out how deep you want your pockets and stitch it closed, starting with the longest piece. It is closest to the main rectangular piece. Continue to sew the bottom of the pockets closed and a seam down the middle to divide the pockets. Bind the whole thing and add a handle at the top. My directions are blurred because my mind is currently mush. But this could easily be figured out, just by looking at the photo.

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Not Just a Car Organizer

She did it again!! Craftapple has come up with another great and functional pattern. I was more than happy to test sew this pattern, and even happier with the results! Such a great design, and it was exciting to see it take shape and come to life.


I keep this one in the front seat to hold all of my essentials. It’s amazing what will fit in there and how much I have just lying around the car.

edit:: I just wanted to add that my trim is not a reflection of the pattern. I chose to glue mine down, in lieu of sewing the thick and lumpy fabric that I chose!!


This one is for the house. It moves around wherever I feel like I need it. Sometimes it stays on the stairs to round up all the stray tinker toys and “what-nots” that the kids need to take back upstairs. But most of the time it sits in the laundry room to hold things that need to go out of the house… stray tools my husband leaves around the house. a shirt I bought that doesn’t fit quite right that needs to be returned. library books. The possibilities are endless! My husband wants one for his car now. And I know I could use one by the couch to hold magazines and books.


And before I bid you good weekend,  I thought I would share a fun little project that my 4 yr. old Mia and I did. A little collaboration. I had some leftover red burlap from the rice sack bag. I stapled it to an old picture frame that was being discarded and let her draw on the fabric. After she was happy with her work, I started mine. She chose the colors and I did the handstitching. I usually hate hand sewing, but this was truly relaxing and fun. It was a great project, short and sweet!! Have a happy weekend!!!

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Introducing… The Stand Mixer Cover Pattern.

It’s done, it’s finally done!! I am finally ready to debut my very 1st  sewing pattern. This is the pattern for the Stand Mixer Cover. Sweet and simple, but it makes a bold statement in the kitchen. You can find more information from revel designs and they are available in the shop.


It has been quite a journey. It has been an ongoing project since the end of last year. It all started with this one. I had no idea how much goes into writing something like this. I have learned so much from this process and already have my next pattern in utero.

And I must say that I couldn’t have done this alone. I owe huge hugs and kisses to my hubby for doing all of my dirty work! The computer stuff, that is. He’s my graphic designer, my web guy, my IT guy…really, he’s just been the brains of the whole operation. Sure I can dream up a million concoctions in my mind, but he actually put “me” onto a piece of paper and a computer screen. He’s brought everything to life. Amazing! And I am so appreciative for my friend Linda’s support and advice. She has been there for me through it all. Through the test sewing and my neurotic nonsense, but most importantly, she really helps in keeping me focused. Thank you Linda! I am so blessed to have such a cherished friend.

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The Problem: The girls’ “apartment under the stairs” is in complete disarray. The plastic tubs that everything is stored in is just not working. They can never find what they are looking for. Always wearing a pair of mismatched high heels.



The Solution:  I took the bull by the horns and stitched it into a purse and jewelry organizer and matching shoe rack. Now they can actually see what they have got and accessorize accordingly! And while I was at it, I made my son a little something to store his school work, library books, and such. Now I can’t promise that this room will ever look like this again… but that’s a whole different problem!

For these projects, I used a set of curtains from Ikea that I found in the damaged section for around $7. Nothing at all wrong with them, except they were out of the package. These provided me with about 4 yards of heavy duty fabric!