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It’s not cotton candy…

One of the toughest jobs of fixing up the camper would be dealing with insulation. It’s wasn’t hard, just uncomfortable. Being in protective gear in 90* weather was a little stifling.

After packing the walls with this fluffy stuff , we installed the walls. I’m using 1/8″ Luan. Weird name for thin bendy wood.

The nail gun would not hold this stuff down so we just scored into the edges. That small corner wall was a beast to fit correctly until my hubs had the brilliant idea of tracing the the outside of the camper on to the Luan to get the curve right. Smaahht.

The bench was to installed which will eventually fold out into a twin sized bed. The wainscoting on the front gives it such a finished look!

The ceiling went up, cut from the same Luan. I painted it first to avoid splattering on the floor. The seams aren’t perfect but that will all be covered with trim. It’s really starting to come together! Now we can move to the other side of the camper, which is still a shambles! It houses the dinette and all of the important electric and water structures. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

2 thoughts on “It’s not cotton candy…

    1. Thank you! I can’t wait for it to be road ready. Luan is the 1/8” veneer plywood that I used for the walls and ceiling. It’s so thin it’s flexible which is great for the curves of this camper.

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