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breakfast nook redo:: stamped burlap curtains

I wish I had a better before picture. Our kitchen was builder beige with these sad little valances.  When I told my Mr. that I wanted to paint the kitchen white he almost fell out of his chair. I used to poke fun at him for being a white wall kind of guy. Mind you, he liked the white walls because he was too lazy to paint them. It was a hard decision. All of the images of kitchens that I found inspiring were white, so I just went with it. Up went the white paint and down came the valances.

I knew I wanted a fresh, natural palette so I chose to go with burlap for the window treatments. I love the soft color and the texture it provides. My next issue? Long or short? I was originally going to go with short because I thought it would keep the space open. I settled on long because it added drama and warmth to the space. Not to mention my Mr. said it was cozy.

I wanted them to mimic vintage coffee and feed sacks. I stamped them with a concoction made with equal parts acrylic paint, fabric medium and gel extender. I love a project where I can get my hands dirty!

I love how it turned out! Feels like home.


7 thoughts on “breakfast nook redo:: stamped burlap curtains

  1. We recently bought a log cabin. I did something similar to our windows. I used cork coasters and an exacto knife and made a stamp that looked like our branding irons. Using black fabric paint I customized our curtains to look like they were marked with the branding iron. I used heavy duty muslin instead of burlap so more of the brand would show and no smell was a bonus too. I also kept them short because I didn’t want to lose an inch of the beautiful log walls.

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