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oh deer.

 As cute as this little deer is… it’s just not me. It was my Mr.’s grandmother’s and being the sentimental fool I am, I had to make it work.

This project used a couple of techniques that I’ve been wanting to try. One of them being oven bake enamel paint. It was easy to use but my only complaint was that it was too thick to pour. I wanted more of a glazing effect and the brush strokes are too evident when you use a brush. If I had had a vat to dip it in it would have been perfect! After doing one coat with the brush, baking and letting it cool, I did a poured second coat. I diluted the paint with water until I was able to pour it over the whole piece, drained it and baked it again.

Next I used some gold leafing. I didn’t get the sheets but used the one that almost looks like gold leaf confetti. So easy! First, you use an adhesive and let that sit. When you put the gold on, it only sticks to where you have placed the adhesive. I love the gilded, almost crackled, soft effect.

Love my new piece! Can’t decide if I want to let the girls use it for jewelry/pencils or if I want to keep it all to myself!!! It’s going to look great with some cut flowers!


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