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patience and hoarding.

Ahhh. Paper whites grown from bulbs. It’s such a different experience for an instant gratification girl like me. I like it. Much more gratifying to watch the process and see each one bloom.  I love the simple beauty of these flowers. I especially love the humble pot they are growing in, a $1  garage sale find. And this is my problem.

You’d think, “it’s a dollar, why not?” But the issue is that I’m the one who has to store this, as well as all of the other treasures that I find. I love junk! Yes, I did look at that old pot and couldn’t live without it. Weird? But look at how pretty my paper whites look in it! I buy things that I don’t need. period. I just have a gift , or a curse, of seeing the  possibilities.

 I bought an old carriage seat to make into a coffee table, I made my sister buy a mink collared coat because it was a gem of a find and don’t even get me started on the bicycle that is sitting in my dining room. Oh, but it was so beautifully worn, a vintage white John Deere that is going to look so cute with a basket hanging in the front with flowers and french baguettes peeping over the top…. sorry, excuse me while I gain my composure. My husband took one look at it and sarcastically asked, “what, are you going to make that into our new dining room table, or something?” The man knows me too well but he is so wrong. It’s going on the wall, of course.

2 thoughts on “patience and hoarding.

  1. I knew you would say that about the bike! Cute idea. Cindy, you do have a gift for looking at something and creating new life in it. I love junk too…that is why I have an old white picket fence in my LR.
    Lets go junk shopping together!!!!

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