feed me!!

so easy a monkey can do it.

It’s sushi DIY around here!

And my hubby is the master roller!


6 thoughts on “so easy a monkey can do it.

  1. This kind of food is actually from Korea. The black layer is called as “Kim”, which is from the name of whom first found it and ate it.(This is a myth in Korea) The evidence that I can tell you this is a Korean Food is “Kim” is better and more popular in Korea than Japan. Amount of harvest also is bigger in Korea. This food is called as “KimBap”, where Bap means cooked rice. Japan tried to steal a lot of Korean Traditions(Like a Kimchi and Bulgogi) and abolished them that they couldn’t argue “this is a Japanese Tradition.” I feel very sorry for this as a Korean. Please pardon me leaving this reply in your homepage. And I know you can understand this such a heartbreaking tragedy.

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