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happy easter.

The big Easter treat for this year were these sweet sleeping bunnies. I’ve been in love with the Baby Binky Bunny by mmm crafts for quite some time so I thought it was the perfect time to purchase the PDF pattern.

It was a very clearly written pattern with simple instructions. The only part that I had trouble with was the embroidery. My fault. I’m really bad. I am a machine sewer!

Their fluffy tails are so cute! And so easy! They are pom poms made from yarn.

And the pattern includes easy instructions for a cute little blankie.

Be sure and check out the mmm crafts blog. Quite an eyeful!


4 thoughts on “happy easter.

  1. They are SO cute! Love the fabric. And the pompom tails! I’m sure the girls love them. I’ve gotta share your feelings on embroidery, but I also gotta say that I could never have made eyes as symmetrical as yours! My bunnies would have had 1 eye. 🙂

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