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paper doilie owls.

Do you see what I see?

I was just passing by when I spied this pack of paper doilies in the Valentine’s Day department. I heard exactly what they were begging to become. Owls, of course!

I had my 2 little helpers get out the felt and glue to make a litttle family of feathered friends.

 They had such a good time making each one unique.

 This young man even got into it. We sent him out for something to display our owls on.

 I love the way my little guy turned out.

 Hot glue some stiff paper together to stabilize the owls.
Leave an opening at the bottom.

Hot glue the paper to the back of the owl, with the opening at the bottom.

This will help it stand tall.

 Gently tap finishing nails to the branch that your son, so carefully, sawed down from your backyard tree. The opening of the paper will rest over the nails. Let your owls perch on the branch.

The next time something speaks to you… listen.


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