becoming icarly.

How do I get this cutie…


to become this cutie?

Here’s how!


and just to help people recognize you…


Lumberjack plaid is really hot right now, so I made a simple little dress lined in fuschia to be layered with a long sleeve tee and leggings. The suede boots and wig really made my daughter start feeling the part. I gave a haircut to an inexpensive “witch” wig and curled the ends with a curling iron set on low. I made the necklace out of jewelry wire and beads. That’s all I did. She added the sass all on her own!


2 thoughts on “becoming icarly.

  1. VERY cute little cutie!!!! Tell Mia that people (kids) tell Caylee that she looks like iCarly all the time, her cousins are convinced of it. 😉 I love the jumper and the necklace! I need to start coming to your house and watch you sew and learn some things!

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