easy peasy freebies.

With all of the grab bag madness buzzing around Etsy Fort Worth, I thought it might be a good time to share my take on adding a little “somethin’ somethin’ ” to orders and grab bags.Making custom notepads is easier than one would think. Get out those cereal boxes you’ve been stashing for a rainy day!
Plan out what size you want your notepads to be. Get creative and map out what you want on them. As a seamstress, I can never have enough rulers around. By my machine, by the iron, wherever. I have made the edge of my notepad to be a ruler. Hopefully others will find it useful, as well.


Decide how many pages you would like for each notepad. I think 25 is a respectable number. After printing them out, you can cut them out yourself with patience and a great paper cutter. I chose to take it to a professional printer to be cut.
You could get a nice sturdy pressed cardboard for the back of the notepad… you could. Personally, this is where I like to use all of the recycled materials that I’ve been stashing. I’ve got tons of cereal boxes and various cardboard pieces just for these types of projects. Cut these down the size of your notepads. Place the paper on top of the cardboard. Align the edges and secure them with clothespins.


You’re going to need this stuff. Get the small bottle. A little really does go a long way!
Paint the top edge with the padding compound. Make sure to paint all of the pages and the bottom cardboard. Let them dry following the manufacturer’s instructions.
Easy, right? They are all ready to be tucked into grab bags for some lucky shoppers!



6 thoughts on “easy peasy freebies.

  1. I knew nothing about making your own sheets stick together for note pads …. The padding compound looks like some cool stuff! Your ruler edge looks like a binding and a useful idea too! I enjoyed about reading about the creative things you do.

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