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Ball of Fall Fun

To the untrained eye this may seem like a jar full of yarn balls. Okay, yeah it is…but let me tell you how to make this fun Fall display for less than $2.

Start winding the yarn around a handful of stuffing. Keep the yarn moving in various directions. It may look a mess at first, but as the yarn builds it will come together.

After the yarn ball is the desired size, cut the yarn and secure the end down with hot glue.


Make as many that you need. Personally, I love displays in odd numbers.

I filled one of my favorite glass canisters with 5 yarn balls in various sizes. To top it off I stuck a pair of wooden knitting needles into one of the balls. Honestly, they were too long for the lid so I had my hubby saw them down. You know, I don’t knit anyway!


One thought on “Ball of Fall Fun

  1. I love, love this and so glad you posted it. I don’t sew and have a huge bag of batting. I have tons of yarn too so I think I will make my mother a pretty fall decoration, I have the perfect container. She’s been knitting, crocheting since making scarves for the men in the WWII, so this will be perfect for her. Thanks for sharing! Great post and pics!!! ~ Molly

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