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duct tape dummy, project one.


Remember when I duct taped my kids? Unfortunately, those pictures were lost when I deleted my other blog, but you can still check out the video. I did the torso of my 5 yr. old and the legs of my 3 yr. old. This is one of the coolest projects that I have ever done because now I have a lifesize bust of my little girl. After sealing and stuffing the bust, I decoupaged it and rubbed an antique glaze over it. I embellished it with a few what-nots I had lying around. Is it just me or does it have a very Alice Cullen vibe going on? I’m looking forward to finding just the right cake stand to put it on.


Placing this glass door knob on was the icing on the cake. I’ve had it for years and it seems right at home, finally. I love the black choker but in hind sight wish I had used velvet ribbon. It would’ve added a little lush texture.


I love the little bird. So symbolic for my little Mia, hence the “M”. These are a couple of my favorite embellishments from a cool store called snapcrafty. You have to check them out! Fun stuff, great prices!


3 thoughts on “duct tape dummy, project one.

  1. That is such a sweet thing to have of little Mia! I can see us sipping tea together in 30 years. We’ll be looking at Mia’s little bust and you’ll be crying over the old days. Then I’ll pull out some Kleenex and join you.

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