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twilight goodies.

I made these Twilight cookies for a much anticipated saga discussion.


Of course, I made an apple to represent the book cover.


This heart is supposed to be the diamond charm that Edward gives Bella. I wish you could  see the shimmery glittery icing* marbled into the white icing. It sparkled!twilight2

I packaged the cookies in this mini suitcase. I had also made “New Moon” shaped cookies, but I didn’t get a good close-up shot. twilight

I embellished the handle with a vintage key and cute lovebirds. I had no intention of the key “meaning” anything, but my friend brought up an important detail. It could represent the key to Edward + Bella’s cottage! Perfect.


* This is the magic touch to the sparkling cookies.


I used the YUMMY sugar cookie + icing recipe from HERE! Sorry if you’re not impressed with the lack of color in this post. I wanted to keep the dark, vintage feel from Twilight.


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