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my prince charming.


Well, actually he’s supposed to be Dom Pedron II, a Brazilian emperor. He’s doing a cultural report on Brazil for school and needed me to make a last minute costume. At first I thought, “Why didn’t he choose to be  Pele the soccer player? I know there’s a jersey and shorts upstairs.”  But then I thought I would just have fun with it.


I started off with a clearance flannel shirt for $3.00.


I bought a few plastic gems and used felt from my stash to make these medals.


These fringed shoulder pads really make the costume.

I love that I can sew for my kids. They think I can do anything. I’ll take that for as long as I can!


5 thoughts on “my prince charming.

  1. Oh my! You are crafty! I don’t know that I could have pulled that off! You know, it’s so funny what my oldest asks me to make … he does think I can make anything – little does he know 😉

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