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an affair with the secretary.

Yes, I am in love with my “not so new” secretary.



Sorry to disappoint, but it’s the wooden kind. I bought this fixer-upper at a garage sale for $20. It was 70’s wooden panel brown, but she sure cleans up nicely.



I was originally planning on a porcelain crackle finishbut just decided to keep it simple. Primed with gesso, painted with satin wall paint, sanded, an antique glaze, and varnish.



It now houses all of the kids’ craft supplies. And just look at the flip down desk. Hoping to resuscitate old fashioned letter writing.



And to hold all of the letters and cards they are constantly creating, we jazzed up this old mailbox. It was beautiful in black, but bolder in the same yellow spraypaint from here.


2 thoughts on “an affair with the secretary.

  1. Oh I love it! I almost bought this awesome $20 desk at Goodwill … didn’t … it was gone the next day – arg! I hesitated b/c I wasn’t sure when/if I would fix it up. I’m kicking myself.

    Enjoy your secretary!

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