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nifty, thrifty kitty.


This is one of my favorite recent thrifty finds. It originally had flower pots in it,but I immediately knew its true destiny! I had been looking for something to make into a doggie dining station for Ziggy and this was PERFECT… well, almost.


After using it for awhile, it started to leave rust marks on the tile floor. So I spray painted it a nice glossy yellow. I know I always say this, but I love it!


It could totally pass for Le Crueset’s first doggie dining station! I hope the rust beats the dust. And if it doesn’t I’ve got one more trick up my sleeve. I’ve seen liquid plastic at the hardware store. They use it to dip the ends of rope so that it doesn’t fray. It looks as if it dries into a smooth plastic. I’ll save it for a last resort, because I don’t know what else I would use it for.


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