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tutorial:: custom cake boards.


I love to decorate cakes. It’s just fun and so special to be able to share in special occasions that way. I usually cover the cardboard cake board in foil or butcher paper. It always seems so generic when you put your heart into the cake. Well, I came up with this because I was out of both.


Pick a fabric to suit the occasion. You’ll also need a hot glue gun, food safe cellophane, scissors, and strong tape.


Be sure to press your fabric and get all of those wrinkles out! Lay the cardboard face down  on the wrong side of the fabric. Trim the excess fabric down to about 5 inches all around.


Clip the curves by cutting perpendicular to the cardboard about every 3 inches.


Use hot glue to attach the fabric to the cardboard. You want to pull the fabric tightly, but be careful not to tear the fabric. Do this all the way around.


Trim the excess fabric.


Go through the same steps with the cellophane.


Clip the curves.


And instead of hot glue, attach the cellophane to the cardboard with tape. If you are planning on using it more than once, I recommend covering the entire back with tape.

blue cakeboard

This is the finished board with light blue linen.

sea urchin cake/blue cakeboard

The sea urchin cake. These can be used for more than just cake. Cheeses, cookies, whatever. These can be reused if you are careful not to slice thru the cellophane and gently wash the surface after use.

toile cakeboard

Don’t be limited to circles.


No need to clip the curves. Neat corners are very important.

marimekko cake

This uses Marimekko’s timeless fabric. Don’t the colors make it the perfect Valentine’s Day cake? The possibilities are endless with this project. I’d love to see what you come up with!


8 thoughts on “tutorial:: custom cake boards.

  1. You probably won’t remember making me the best Texas Sheet Cake I ever had. I was visiting Lizzie several years ago, met you at a Bible study and had that cake. Since then… I have tried several online recipes for this with no luck. Love the custom cake plate and am now begging for you to share that memorable Texas Sheet Cake recipe.

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