custom notepads.


I’ve had this idea in mind after reading this post by the small object. I found the padding compound on ebay for about $16.  After coming up with the designs, we printed them off onto standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper. We fit 4 to a page. It was a bear to print off about 300! sheets of paper, but we did it. You could cut the paper yourself… you could. I wasn’t about to. Kinko’s cut all of that paper into fourths for around 3 bucks TOTAL! Money well spent. I cut chipboard out to size for each pad to stabilize the back of the pad. After compressing the paper and chipboard together with clothespins, I painted the top edge with the padding compound. A little really does go a long way. We made about 24 notepads total. I can’t wait to do more!


I decided to do a few different designs. One with the kids’ artwork, one for my grandmother, who is a habitual list taker, and one of my mother’s famous quotes. English is her 2nd language, so sometimes she comes up with some real gems. Always butchering common expressions. Haven’t you ever heard the saying, ” Don’t let your chickens count your eggs”? The 1st page says “Try Be’s Famous Lip Balm” because she once used a glue stick thinking it was lip balm. It was all in good fun and they were a big hit.


One thought on “custom notepads.

  1. Hey I’m a compulsive notetaker too! I told you already, but I think these are the cutest personalized gifts! Maybe I should make some notepads out of my old business cards like you suggested. :o)

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