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a tale of 2 Claires.

I’ve been dying to dive into this pattern ever since I discovered it at Quilt Market. What better reason than for the girls’ Christmas dresses. This is none other than Sandi Henderson’s “claire” pattern. No, no, you’re right. The colors don’t shout HOLIDAY. What can I say? I’m a practical girl and know all too well that the holiday is fleeting. I want these little ladies to enjoy these delightful frocks for as long as they can squeeze into them.


 I love the way they turned out. And I’m not the only one. The girls love them and they aren’t always easy customers. Isn’t it funny how the same pattern has a completely different look on each one? One looks very “little house on the prairie”, while the other has a very whimsical Alice in Wonderland look. I can’t stress how key the fabric choices are. And believe me, it took me a couple of days just to get that pinned down.


I did just a couple of things differently. 1st, I cheated and used my ruffling foot for the gathering. For the pink dress, I chose not to use bias tape for the apron. I just stitched the pieces right sides together and turned them out. And finally, I used “steam a seam” instead of pinning the sash to the waistlline. I’m telling you, if there is a way to cheat, I’m all over it!


4 thoughts on “a tale of 2 Claires.

  1. Oh my gosh! Cindy those are SOOOOO adorable! Way to cheat 🙂 I LOVE them – now I’m gonna have to get Haley’s made. Hey – has that Japanese fabric some in yet? Can I buy some from you when it does?

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