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This is a post about glitter! It brings me back to elementary school. I forgot how fun glitter can be. So shiny. So sparkly!  How about the new Holiday Sparkle banner? It’s glitter!! ….ok. enough about glitter. Let me start off by telling you what I had wanted to do. and it doesn’t involve glitter.


I have a gazillion white cupcake liners. They are the ones that separate the foil cupcake liners. I’ve been saving them up for a Christmas craft. They look so elegant and fluttery. Kind of like a ballet tutu. Well, in my mind, I had it all mapped out. I was going to cover 3 styrofoam cones to be Christmas trees. Well… this is how it turned out.


Not as dainty as I had expected. I love the “Elizabethan” collar quality that they have, but not quite what I had envisioned. I’ll have to save them for another craft. But there is a happy ending. That’s where the glitter comes in.


I sprayed the cones with spray adhesive and rolled them in glitter. I did about 3 coats for each one. Topped them with a miniature ornament, more glue and glitter, and tadaaaa! I love how they look on top of those mini cake stands. I don’t know what it is about the number 3 that appeals to me, but it works. Things just look better in groups of 3. I think I might even like this plan better than the cupcake liners. It was easier and faster, that’s for sure! Glitter!! Who knew? I’m always the last to know.



5 thoughts on “Glitter!!

  1. You know those straight pins with the pearly red ends? They might be cute on your white fluffy tree- just poked in here and there. I love the idea and the ruffles. The other trees are so pretty too. Gotta love glitter!

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