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2nd annual quest for Quilt Market


It was that time of year again! Back to Houston for an adventure. We kicked off the weekend cocktailing at Fabric 2.0. It was a breathtaking view. And who do you think I spotted when I first walked in?


Jay McCarroll! The winner of the 1st season of Project Runway. Still the coolest runway show to date!! He was charismatic and cute as can be. And has a new line out to boot. Think Japanese cute on acid. A little scared of the vampire bunny, but that’s my issue.


After the mixer we went to Sample Spree. Honestly…it was more fun standing in line talking with people. Not much to see, not much to buy. This is me buying fabric ink. I don’t know if I got a good deal, probably not. I just wanted to buy something.


The next day was spent gawking over new fabric, beautiful spaces, and famous faces. I swear my husband and friends make so much fun of me for freaking out over designers and bloggers I love. I don’t care. I was having such a good time.


Jessica Jones had such a cute booth. She was super nice and super talented. I love her logo. That is Melanie from Above All Fabric. She was super sweet, as well.


Sandi Henderson from Portabellopixie had an inspiring booth. Have you seen her sewing patterns? She has set quite a bar. That’s me, Sandi, Melanie and Linda.


Paula Prass, loved her, her booth, and everything in it!


Saw an old friend. Hoodie!!! Look at her new line for Blank Quilting. She is too cute and I love the modern take on Asian classics. Check out her other prints!


Jay McCarroll’s funky booth. Vivid, young and fresh!


Heather Bailey, of course. I was such an uber-dork in front of her. 


Heather’s sister-in-law Laura Gunn. She has a line coming out with Michael Miller. Can’t wait!

We visited with a couple of other people you may have heard of. Amy Butler and Anna Maria Horner. Got their signed books, but no photo. Of course they were cool as can be. Already looking forward to next year!!

6 thoughts on “2nd annual quest for Quilt Market

  1. Oh i am soooooooo envious of you!!! I wanted to go so bad but texas is a log way from virgina. Maybe one will come to DC and I can meet all those crafty ladies like you did.. Looks like a good time was had.

    Ps.. Loving the blue top!

  2. OHHH! So much fun! My hubbie will often ask ‘who are you talking about’ and I’ll have to explain … well she’s a friend, sorta, well, I read her blog and she reads mine … arg!

  3. Hi Cindy! Thanks for mentioning me in your post! It was so nice meeting you. I wanted to tell you that when I was reviewing the cards I’d collected at the market, I came across yours and I couldn’t put a face with the card. Then I followed the links to your etsy shop and saw “Moon Goddess” and it all came back! You guys were so much fun! Hope to see you next year!


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