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views from the backseat.

I’ve been in Maine for a few days now visiting my grandparents. BY MYSELF…WITHOUT THE KIDS!! It was nice at first, but by the 2nd day the novelty had worn off. I miss my little ones, as well as the not so little. The weather is so glorious “right now”. Cool and crisp. Just the right temperature. But I am easily spotted as not being from around here with my short sleeves and flip flops.


We went for lunch at a nearby restaurant this afternoon. I use the term “nearby” loosely, seeing as it took us half an hour to get there. But the scenery kept us busy.






Look at the charming  town. So calm, simple, beautiful. Makes me think I wasn’t meant for the suburbs.

It’s always a pleasure to be here in this part of the country. I can’t wait to come back. But first, I’m looking forward to being reunited with my beloved family. I hope the package I sent gets there before I do. I sent them a box full of fall leaves, acorns, pine branches, a pumpkin and of course some candy!


4 thoughts on “views from the backseat.

  1. What beautiful pictures of such a quaint little place. I know what you mean about missing the kiddos. Whenever I get a chance for a night away I have so much fun until I go to bed and when I wake up. I miss those little stinkers!

  2. Oh no i’m in Virginia- THanks for visiting my blog. It’s nice to have loyal readers. I enjoy reading your blog. keep up the good work. Oh and as for the monks drinking the beer, i’m thinking they prolly got the bottles via donations. can monks drink beer? i have no idea,

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