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a tiny party.


It was my Gracie’s 3rd birthday and the theme was “a tiny party”. It fits her so well because she is obsessed with all things miniature. She absolutely loves it when things are “just her size” and totally obsessed with the “baby” version of EVERYTHING!!


I started with planning the setting of our tiny party. We built a 10 inch tall table out of plywood and covered it with grass green minky dot fabric. I made little cushions to look like mushroom tops. The ceiling decorations are paper flowers from Martha Stewart’s line from Michael’s. I was hoping they would brighten up the space and they looked to me like sunshine.



We started the party by making miniature paper bag puppets. They are from Martha Stewart @ Michael’s, as well. I could go crazy in that store! A couple of days before the party I actually saw a tiny party in a box for $15 from Martha Stewart @ Michael’s. Too bad. But I was happy to make all these things for Gracie.



After some outdoor games, the munchkins came in for a tiny feast. Mini grilled cheeses, baby hot dogs, baby bananas, champagne grapes. I made these faux bois placemats. It just added to the whole woodland vibe from the mushrooms. We enjoyed minitinis and smoothies.


And no party is complete without a birthday wish!!




Gracie’s friends left with some lovely LITTLE parting gifts. A mini crayon roll, a personalized magnet, and of course tons of candy!


Isn’t she worth it? It was so much fun to plan this and even more fun to see Gracie’s face. We had such a grand time at such a tiny party! But what to do with all of these decorations? I tried convincing Mia to have a fairy/pixie party, but she’s already got her mind set on a pool party!


11 thoughts on “a tiny party.

  1. Oh that is so adorable. My girl turned 7 today, My how time flys. She of course wanted the hanna montanna party **GAG**. I was mere inches away from the fary theme when she change her mind. Good Job. I’m gonna steal that idea next year.

    Ps. Love the blog, check it out regularly.

  2. I just read through your whole blog (yes, slow day at work). This is so much fun. I too love anything miniature. Growing up I had a doll house I love to buy things for, or make food out of clay for in there and then paint it. The mushroom tops, food, cake, and little Grace are all adorable. You guys all are!

  3. I just scored Martha’s Tiny party kit, clearanced at $6.99 and used a 40% coupon on it; I’m inspired by your party, so many great ideas, I can’t wait to see what I come up with.

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