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Misadventure in Felting III, the final chapter!

So I decided to give it one more shot. This time I set out to use sweaters that I bought dirt cheap from a garage sale. They had to be a good color and atleast 75% wool. Before putting them into the washer, I cut open the sleeves and cut down the sides. I washed and dried them about 5 times in hot, soapy water. Since then, I have learned NOT to put them in the dryer. “They” say that this only shrinks them without felting the fibers. Who knew? Not me, being the anti-researching crafter that I am. Sorry I don’t have any pictures of this process. They don’t make for groundbreaking photos anyway.


This is the 1st thing I made with my freshly felted sweaters. Baby shoes for the Michael Miller baby bootie contest. Of course I used this pattern. Why stress if I don’t have to? And no, I didn’t win. not.even.close.


6 thoughts on “Misadventure in Felting III, the final chapter!

  1. I think the shoes are adorable! And the puppy bed is such a great idea! Really! It’s totally perfect. I think my dog Zoe would probably love it. She’s always wrapping herself up in my long curtain panels. I might have to try something like it.. not felt though. I know zip about felting and it sounds like a ton of work. And work is totally not my style :).

  2. That is awesome…Ziggy looks SO ADORABLE in there!!! My friend Caren has two dachshunds and they both love to do the same thing. Did you know they were bred to burrow into badger holes and chase them out, they are quite vicious little hunters I guess, cuz badgers are MEAN. Ziggy doesn’t look to ferocious to me though! 🙂

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