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rethinking the t-shirt.

As a mom… better yet a mom who sews, I always have the urge to make my kiddos some clothes. Time is an issue. I don’t want to slave over something just to have them grow out of it next week. When I do sew them something, one of my biggest incentives is that my youngest will eventually wear it.

Well, I found a solution that works for me! A solution that will give them something made with love in a jiffy! I decided to bring the T-shirt dress back! Why didn’t I think of this sooner? I think it all started with the tiered skirts.  Such a cute result from such an easy technique.


This one is made from a 2t shirt and has layered tiers. I kept the entire length of the shirt to act as the main body of the dress. I make my tiers about 10-20″ longer than the previous one, depending on how gathered I want it.


This one has got to be my favorite! Instead of keeping the length of the shirt, I wanted to try an empire waist. I cut the shirt about 3″ from the armpits. The tiers are about 10″ longer than the previous one. I wanted a subtle progression. It came out just as I had imagined it.

DSCN3911 DSCN3915

 This one is a playful little baby doll dress. I cut this tank top right below the arm pit. I used giant rick rack to create a little bit of a scalloped edge. This is Gracie’s favorite. It is pink. To be honest, it was supposed to be for my 4 yr. old but it turned out just a bit short. Like “I see London” short. Bummer, but she had a positive attitude and wants me to get started on her Snow White costume. A mother’s work is never done! 


14 thoughts on “rethinking the t-shirt.

  1. Those are great Cindy! You think Caylee would wear one for me? 🙂 Mia is totally rockin’ that dress!!!! Gracie is just her usual sweet lookin’ little self. Good idea mom! My mom made me clothes when I was little, but nothing cool, stuff I wish I had something else to change into after I got to school! LOL!

  2. Why just for the girls? Do you think I could wear one? I’ve got a couple of T-shirt that have shrunk over the years – perfect for an empire waist dress! Cute, cute ladies you have there!

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