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quick and easy.


We made this! We actually made homemade sushi. And you know what, it didn’t taste homemade. My husband and I took a class @ Central Market. We had so much fun. We rolled, we ate, we drank. It felt like a first date…a good one, of course.  Between the white boy and the asian girl, he turned out to be the Sushi Master. Who knew? After the class, I still didn’t think we would ever make it again.


But fast forward to several weeks later and here we are. It cost about $80 to feed 7 humans sushi til’ they popped. It was so much fun, and super easy. This was always one of those tasks that seemed way too intimidating. Boy, was I wrong! We’ll be doing that again, and YOU should,too. Let me know how it goes!!


Here is one more super quick and easy project. I finally made something to corral all of my puppy’s “what-nots”. Brush, leash, and yes, his perfume! This project took me about 30 minutes from start to finish. I took some upholstery fabric that I had and cut out a rectangle with rounded corners. Why the rounded corners? Much easier to put binding on. The pockets are made of 3 seperate pieces that are gradually shorter. The top edge of the pockets are finished with scrap binding. Figure out how deep you want your pockets and stitch it closed, starting with the longest piece. It is closest to the main rectangular piece. Continue to sew the bottom of the pockets closed and a seam down the middle to divide the pockets. Bind the whole thing and add a handle at the top. My directions are blurred because my mind is currently mush. But this could easily be figured out, just by looking at the photo.


3 thoughts on “quick and easy.

  1. ~YUMMMY!!!!! I love me some sushi, really think I should have been Asian, especially since it’s about the only safe food for me to eat out any longer! haha!

    That’s neat that you and Hubby did the class together, sounds fun!

  2. Wow – that sushi looks delicious!

    And who knew having a little puppy would be like having another child to sew for! Think of all the fun puppy stuff you can make! You for sure need to make him a cute fabric leash. :o)

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