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Clipboard Love!!


I found these cheap little clipboards on sale for 97 cents. I instantly knew they would make a great project that just might break all barriers of age and gender. I whipped out all of my scrapbook paper, magazine cut-outs, stamps, stickers, hole punchers,paint pens and my new favorite art supply… PAINT SAMPLE CARDS. I’ve been using these for everything. Seriously, it was no holds barred! We used it all! What a great project to purge all of my scraps.

Shara, 15


A regular glue stick worked just fine, as long as the entire surface was being covered. We also used Sobu applied with a paintbrush. Afterwards, I put on 2 coats of Mod Podge.

Andy, 12


We had so much fun and each one of them came out so different. Everyone is super pleased with them. I had so much fun, I could make 10 more!

Mia Pia Momma Mia, 4


I don’t know if I am turnning into some crazy pack rat lady, but I am constantly ripping pages out of magazines. Not just recipes or projects, but really random stuff. A big patch of grass or denim that I know I can cut shapes out of. Crazy, I know. But hey, you can’t say they didn’t come in handy.

Cindy, “does it really matter?”


This the back of mine.


This heart cut out is actually made from a bunch of thread spools. Probably Blueprint or Real Simple. Neither of which I still get. But it turns out that it wasn’t ripped out in vain. Sorry for the crappy photos. It was already getting dark out and I wanted to post these before we went on vacation. That reminds me. I still need to post on our “staycation”. Our trip in our own backyard. Coming soon!


4 thoughts on “Clipboard Love!!

  1. These are so cute. You must have school on your mind with all these terrific ideas you’re giving out. I might have to try this one too. Thanks!

  2. Yes, all those magazine pages do come in handy, so keep doing it! :o) They’re really cute, Cindy.

    I can’t seem to get a hold of you in person these days so I’m gonna email you.

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