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Ruffley Tiered Skirts


A couple of my cousins from Las Vegas have come to stay with us for a month. One of them is a 15 yr. old girl. Besides giving her driving lessons, she is also getting a chance to cook, decorate, and sew. We decided to venture into a skirt making project. After thumbing through the book, Sew What Skirts, the tiered skirt caught her eye. I decided to start with my 2 yr. old’s since that required the least fabric.


 Except for the measurement formula for the 1st tier, I could not follow the rest of the instructions. I just do not do well following directions. I took a peek at this tutorial before starting and it boosted my confidence a bit. I made each tier about 10 inches longer than the previous one. I like how it turned out, but it is not as full as I thought it would be. The next skirt was for my 4 yr. old. I used more layers and tried to make it fuller.


I made the tiers almost double than the previous tiers. This one is longer and it looks much cuter in person. The good news is that she loved it… which is more than I can say for the 2 yr. old.


The last skirt was made for my 15 yr. old cousin. She helped cut the fabric, pressing, and most of the sewing! It took about 2 1/2 yards of fabric and a whole lot of ruffling. These tiers were about double in size, as well. There was a point where it looked like it was just not going to come together. But it did and she loves it! I used my ruffling foot instead of the 2 basting lines technique that I used in last 2 skirts. I would definately make these skirts again. It was a fast, fun, and easy project that brought many smiles!!


One thought on “Ruffley Tiered Skirts

  1. Look at those cute little legs sticking out from under those skirts! So precious. You did great, Cindy! Never again will I EVER do the 2-stitching-lines-pulling-breaking-pulling method. That just drove me nuts when I made my first little ruffled skirt.

    Have fun with your cousins!

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