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Not Just a Car Organizer

She did it again!! Craftapple has come up with another great and functional pattern. I was more than happy to test sew this pattern, and even happier with the results! Such a great design, and it was exciting to see it take shape and come to life.


I keep this one in the front seat to hold all of my essentials. It’s amazing what will fit in there and how much I have just lying around the car.

edit:: I just wanted to add that my trim is not a reflection of the pattern. I chose to glue mine down, in lieu of sewing the thick and lumpy fabric that I chose!!


This one is for the house. It moves around wherever I feel like I need it. Sometimes it stays on the stairs to round up all the stray tinker toys and “what-nots” that the kids need to take back upstairs. But most of the time it sits in the laundry room to hold things that need to go out of the house… stray tools my husband leaves around the house. a shirt I bought that doesn’t fit quite right that needs to be returned. library books. The possibilities are endless! My husband wants one for his car now. And I know I could use one by the couch to hold magazines and books.


And before I bid you good weekend,  I thought I would share a fun little project that my 4 yr. old Mia and I did. A little collaboration. I had some leftover red burlap from the rice sack bag. I stapled it to an old picture frame that was being discarded and let her draw on the fabric. After she was happy with her work, I started mine. She chose the colors and I did the handstitching. I usually hate hand sewing, but this was truly relaxing and fun. It was a great project, short and sweet!! Have a happy weekend!!!


5 thoughts on “Not Just a Car Organizer

  1. I’m so glad you’re getting some good use out of your organizers! It makes me happy. :o)

    You know what else makes me happy? That little flower that you embroidered for Mia. How do kids create such happy things? And you are super mom for doing that by hand. I seriously would have given up half way through.

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