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Behold… Our Bountiful Harvest

With the rocket soaring prices we thought we would try and sustain ourselves.


Or not. This is the one time when the picture actually looks better than the real thing. I should have put a dime in the picture for size reference. Seriously, this is what came about from months of working our garden. No zuchinni, no squash, not one kernel of corn. But there is hope. In the form of a cucumber and a pumpkin!


Speaking of BOUNTIFUL, our church has been going through quite a growth spurt. We must have set some kind of record for the number of babies born in such a short period of time. There has been quite an infestation of little humans lately and we are definately outnumbered. Help, I’m frightened!! And with all of these baby showers I have been quite busy. This hooded towel is the gift for tonight’s baby shower.  It’s fun to think of all the kids that I love to be wrapped up in something I made.


I made this little card with some stamps that a friend gave me. Why have I not stumbled on to this phenomenon sooner? In no time and no work at all, I have an adorable little card to go with the gift. If you know me, you would know that I hate buying cards. No let me take that back… I loathe it! I am supposed to pay a few, hard earned dollars for a piece of paper that you are going to throw in the trash after looking at it for 9 seconds??!! I don’t think so! But now there is no excuse not to send a little message on a little handmade card. Where have stamps been all my life? Thanks, Y!


4 thoughts on “Behold… Our Bountiful Harvest

  1. Those carrots are too funny! I just finished reading Animal Vegetable Miracle … how’d they do it?! I love the towel and the card. There’s something in the water around here too … lots and lots of little beings in the works!

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Project wonderful is an opportunity my blog now has that offers free advertising for others.

    Beautiful present! The carrots look awesome, keep trying they will get bigger.

  3. Um, your harvest might be better than ours! I’m scared to look at how dead our garden beds are looking.

    Very classy towel. It’s neat that I got to meet the little boy today. He told me he likes his new towel. :o)

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