splendor in the grass



6 thoughts on “splendor in the grass

  1. Lovely ladies in a beautiful setting! Those are precious pictures! It seems like Katie, Caroline and Kelly were that age just yesterday. Your pictures bring back sweet memories of similar experiences. I’m glad you are savoring the moments. They pass all too quickly!!!!

  2. What a nice day it was! Did you put that picture of the hungry, menacing squirrel up JUST for me?? :o)

    I just checked our schedule. Our game is at 7:45! I’m sorry! But I might have had to bring something Chinese – disguised as Mexican. Har har. :o) It was nice chatting with you tonight! I gotta take a shower and then go sew!

  3. What a beautiful family you have! I can’t wait to dig into your pattern and get going … just need to get through Christmas in July … meanwhile the dust still collects 🙂 Thanks for leaving a comment – I’ll be back to visit! PS – congrats on being smoke free for so long – I can imagine how hard that was – you rock.

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