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Regaining My Chi


I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. My life has changed so much since then. For starters, I started a quest to quit smoking in mid-January. Well, I’m glad to say that I am still smoke free 3 months later. While I am glad that I finally kicked the habit, it has really knocked the wind out of my sails. I smoked for about 20 years and chalked it up to being a creative. It is what I did in the spontaneous hours of the wee morning. So there has not been much going on around here on the note of creativity. A few things I’ve had to get done and a few experiments that I’ll share at a later time. I’m done mourning the passing of a bad habit and I’m ready to get on with being a happy, productive non-smoker. Easier said than done. Luckily, I am very blessed to have a wonderful support group of my hubby and good friends. I know that these people love me  through it all and are not afraid to let me know when I am deceiving myself. Which, have I mentioned, I am very good at!! So if everybody will raise your mug, whether it be filled with coffee or hot cocoa, I would love to give a little toast. “Here’s to new beginnings, good friends and good health!!”

**I just wanted to clarify a few things before bidding you Happy Weekending. I have never smoked inside my house for those of you wondering about the quality and integrity of my work. And I probably wash my hands more than a surgeon. Kind of weird for such a clean freak to have such a dirty habit. It was a difficult choice to post about this personal struggle for the reason that this is not just a personal journal, but a reflection of revel Designs. It is just in me to be brutally honest with what is going on within me, inspirationally as well as directionally.**


7 thoughts on “Regaining My Chi

  1. Yay!!!! Good for you for quitting. That is a HUGE accomplishment. I am so happy for you and happy to see you back. I have lifted my mug, “Here’s to you and your happy lungs!” Keep up the good work.

  2. Way to go on quitting smoking!!!!! I am a fellow ex-smoker and I know how hard it is to do but it is do-able. Smoked for 20yrs too, loved it too. Been 11 years and am so glad . If you ever need help let me know:)

  3. Here’s my passion tea up in the air for you! 3 months is a long time – I’m proud of you! And you are doing SO GOOD!

    Those flowers are really pretty! They’d make beautiful cards.

    I’m so sore today from ballet last night. How’re your muscles doing?

  4. Yay for you Cindy!!!!!!! I hope you’ll one day feel like me, like you never smoked and won’t miss it at all. I am VERY, VERY proud of you!!!!!

    I couldn’t see the picture. My browser is so messed up…

  5. Congrats on quitting smoking! That is one habit that is so hard to break. mY hubs had such a hard time quitting, but finally gave it up completely about 2 years ago. He feels much better and he runs now. I am so happy about it because I want him to be around for a long time!

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