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My Living Dolls

I love different ways to display pictures of the kids. This is not really showing off the photos, but my sweet girls. I really enjoyed this project. It’s just nice to try something new. It was fun and easy, and I can’t wait to do the rest of the family.


First, I printed off a black and white photo of the girls. I would have preferred a darker and more defined copy, but my printer is not cooperating these days. I didn’t let that stop me. I colored some details in with colored pencils: putting color in their hair, blush on the cheeks, exaggerating their lashes and color on the lips. I also changed their outfits with paint, marker and colored pencils.


After cutting them out, I glued them onto cardboard. I cut it out again, leaving about an inch of cardboard exposed at the bottom. I painted the back to cover the cardboard. When the paint was dry, I covered the front and back with Mod Podge and waited for it to dry. I used 3 springy clothespins attached to the bottom to stand them up while drying.


For the body, I cut out 2 A-line skirt shapes per girl. I sewed them together leaving the top open. I boxed the corners so they would be able to stand up after being filled. I filled them with rice, folded in the raw edges(and glued the hem), and inserted the pictures of the girls. I closed them both 2 different ways to see which one I liked best. I used a craft glue to glue the fabric directly to the picture, being generous with the glue to ensure no rice would escape. The next one I stapled the fabric to the picture, then put glue around it to seal in the rice. They both ended up with same results, but I have to admit that stapling was easier. And since I added some embellishments, the staples do not show. After letting the glue dry for a bit, I added buttons on one and pom poms on the other with a hot glue gun. Finally, I embellished the faces with buttons and crystals for earrings.

A couple of things that I will do differently with the next ones: More exaggerated details on the face. The Mod Podge washes them out a bit. Of course, a darker print of the photo. Maybe some cute little arms. More rice!! The rice has settled a bit and they are not as firm as I would like them. Other than that, I love them. I know they kind of look like 2 little old ladies heading for a tea party, but I love them anyway.


3 thoughts on “My Living Dolls

  1. Okay, those are sooo cute! They do sorta look like old-fashioned ladies (not old!), but that’s their charm! And look at those crystal earrings. It’ll be cute to see the whole family. :o)

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