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This year I want to start looking at the solutions, instead of dramatizing the problems. No matter how big or how small. Not enough time in the day? Turn off Project Runway and get busy! Isn’t that why we have Tivo, anyway? Complaining about the baby weight you put on 10 years ago? Bundle up the kids and go out for a waddle!

The Problem: I can never find anything in the abyss that I call my purse. And the stray diapers and wipes in a baggie don’t help. I haven’t carried a diaper bag for quite some time, but my youngest is still in diapers.


The Solution: A handy diaper and wipes case! This holds a travel size wipes case and 2-3 diapers. It’s great to leave with the nursery, a sitter, or my mom! It definately does its job in style, but let’s be honest… anything beats the plastic baggie!


7 thoughts on “Solutions

  1. oh, these are so pretty. I could use one, but I’m gonna have my almost three year old potty trained soon! I just know it’s gonna happen!!

    Oh, I love my cd you sent! I listen all the time. Thanks for a great mix!

  2. I would have LOVED one of those a few years ago!!! What a great idea!!

    Speaking of solutions…..did you make it to the store today or last night? Let me know if you still need to go.

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