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Time Marches On

My last post was Halloween and now November is half gone. When I found out that next week is Thanksgiving, I almost didn’t believe it. I’m a bit frazzled right now with Christmas around the corner. Someday I’ll start preparing for the holidays at the beginning of the year. I’m beginning to realize that my dreams of grandeur for this season are only that. Reality check! Priority checklist!


This is an advent calendar that I have been working on. I was going for the Scandinavian look. A simple, monochromatic look. I’m pretty pleased with it, but it is definately not what I had envisioned. I was planning to hand embroider the designs on there. After about an hour, I decided that this was not the right project to be practicing on.


Along with the many projects I have in the works, I put my husband to work on my website. I am so impressed by the work that he has done and how he has translated my style onto the page. Not to mention using my own graphics! I am so grateful to have this talented and supportive man in my life. So please check it out. I’ve got a few new products on there, but not as many as I’d like after a wonderful show a couple of weeks ago. But hey! I’m definitely not complaining. It still needs a little tweaking, but it’s up. At some point I need to rewrite the little tidbit about me. Hubby apparently doesn’t like my “moon goddess” version. What do you think? It’s so hard to pinpoint or describe my genre. I am very mood affected when it comes to creating. I guess I just want to get across the point that “ordinary doesn’t have to be ordinary”. So please have a looksie and don’t be afraid to leave me any feedback.

We are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner at our house this year. I am so excited, but at the same time I did just realize that Thanksgiving is next week. Figuring out what to cook is never a problem. I have finalized my traditional feast. Found the best of the best! And it has stood the test of time for several years now. I like that. Knowing exactly what to expect and it’s my one time of year that I can take the guess work out. 364 of the other days of the year are spent experimenting. This time of year always brings me to thoughts of tradition and what I want my children to remember and look forward to thru the years. Today I bought an electric hand mixer for my girls. When I have thoughts of baking with my grandmother, using the hand mixer vividly stands out. Well, I didn’t get the response I was hoping for. They were scared to death of it. Spoiled by the whir of the stand mixer. But I didn’t hear any complaints while they were licking the beaters.  Another gadget that I recently purchased is the Vidalia Chop Wizard. One of those “As Seen on TV” items. I saw it dozens of times before I finally broke down and spent the $20 on it. I love it! Now the kids can safely chop veggies for dinner. It is so wonderful to able to share that time together while they are actually helping me, instead of driving me cuckoo!


7 thoughts on “Time Marches On

  1. I love the new website! He did a fabulous job. It is perfect with your room color and the feathers included. What a great guy!!

    I wasn’t stressed until I read your entry and now I’m feeling your stress. It really is a big undertaking to host Thanksgiving dinner; last year we had 20 from my family. I’m thrilled to be going to Mom and Dad’s this year. Let me know if I can help you as you prepare.

    The advent calendar is great and will add to the traditions and memories over the years.

  2. Finally got a chance to read your post! Yes, I’m feeling the holiday stresses as well. I still haven’t started on my 8 pillowcases!

    I have good memories of the hand mixer as well. And it was nice to have 2 beaters – one for me and one for my sister. Now with the Kitchen Aid, there’s just one big cookie paddle (or whatever it’s called) and no one can share. So of course, it’s all mine. :o)

    So did you put a dowel on the back of your advent calendar or what? How does it keep from folding in on itself? And you know I think your website is GREAT! Lucky you with your graphics-designing hubby. :o)

  3. The website is BEAUTIFUL!!! WOW!!!

    I too love to lick the beaters with my sister. Here Kevin and Caylee lick them, I am sure Joshua will soon protest to that though.

    I’ll have to go read your description…

    I would rather sit in a pit of snakes than host a whole Thanksgiving dinner! EEK! I am so glad that you enjoy it, you hosty person you!

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