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Sugar Rushing thru October



This jar was full at the beginning of October!


I made the caramel recipe from Randi. It was the best I’ve ever made. I’ve used way too many caramel recipes where the caramel “slips” off of the apple. This one was perfect! We made chocolate dipped caramel apples for Mia’s ballet class. Some dipped in chocolate and walnuts and some dipped in chocolate with chocolate pearls. Yum!!



We topped them off with these cute pumpkin and kitty printouts from My Paper Crane.


After a trip to the pumpkin patch we were ready to carve our pumpkins. A monogrammed pumpkin for me, a kitty, Spongebob, Plankton, and a 2 faced pumpkin by Aaron!




And finally, I always knew it was a zoo at our house, but this is proof!




6 thoughts on “Sugar Rushing thru October

  1. Awww, your kids look so cute and cool (for the older one). And those apples!!! YUMMeeeee! See now why didn’t I “meet” you before I moved from TX? Then I could’ve just hopped on over for some treats. 😉

  2. Great Halloween pictures and the apples look yummy.

    I actually eat a pecan covered caramel apple every week because a fantastic candy shoppe is located right next door to my daughter’s dance class. How convenient, right?

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