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Permanent Marker on the New Carpet? Check

Good Morning!!!



The girls love to color and cut while I’m in the sewing room. I usually give them the freedom to use whatever they want. Well, they found the Sharpies. I decided to make them a little mat out of some oil cloth scraps that I had laying around. An Amy Butler Weekender Bag gone wrong. I came across this tutorial and found some of these tips helpful. My Teflon presser foot… Awesome! It worked!! I was so shocked. Mine is pieced with no backing and I pinked the edges. The girls love it and I’m just glad to use those pieces up.

I’m on a mission to use up the fabric that I have. I don’t know how much  longer I can last. I keep going to online shops and filling my cart, just to close the window. It’s torture!! Here are a few projects that have helped to purge my stash.


This is a banner that I finished up last night. It was fun to make and I love it. One of the letters is embellished with Swarovski crystals. That “n” looked pretty small to me, but it ate up about $5 worth of crystals. It’s not like I was using them for anything else. Note to self: Next time you’re working with crystals and gem glue, don’t be too lazy to go upstairs for the tweezers.



This is a mini patchfolio I whipped up for my son’s student teacher. I love this project! My stash of scraps will be gone in no time!


And this is a project that I have wanted to put up for awhile. I turned my little one’s too short overalls into this cute little dress. It was super easy. I cut off the strip of snaps, and sewed a triangular piece of fabric to the denim. Then hemmed the bottom. I am working my way up to full fledged garment making. Ahh, someday.

I’ll leave you with a couple of pics of “Crazy Gracie”. Love that munchkin!




4 thoughts on “Permanent Marker on the New Carpet? Check

  1. Little Gracie is SOOO cute! And funny. :o)

    That banner will come in handy at the craft show, won’t it? The mini patch is so cute. Way to use up that bird fabric! Keep sewing, soon, we might actually NEED to go to the fabric store….or maybe not. :o)

  2. LOve the pic of Grace and the curlers, I have one similar of Caylee when she was Grace’s age in my Grandma’s curlers. Brings back such good memories!

    I love that banner, it’s so cool! I’m sure it will spiff up your spot quite nicely!

  3. Great projects, I love the patchfolio colors. I had to laugh at the tape on the face picture, I remember doing that as a kid. The letters on that banner are fabulous!

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