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Monkey Business



I have been busy with these little guys since returning from my Alaskan cruise. I know they look a lot like goats or sheep, but they are monkeys I tell you. They will be part of the party favors for my soon-to-be 2 year old’s birthday party. A monkey theme. So fitting since that is what we call her most of the time. I had originally decided on a Dachshund theme, but after the project I had planned didn’t pan out, I quickly changed. There was supposed to be this really cute weenie dog made from a pair of socks, but it turned out just plain hideous. The worst part of these little monkey pillows was sewing on the button eyes. My machine has a button setting on it, but after a quick try I chickened out. I have a big fear of broken needles flying into my eye… from experience. 45 big circles cut from brown corduroy, 15 small circles cut from camel corduroy, 60 circles cut from various fabrics for ears, 30 hand sewn buttons, and whole lot of fluff. And Whalah! 15 sheepish, goat possessed monkey head pillows. But it was all worth it and I hope her little friends enjoy it.


We had a great time on our cruise. And when I say we, I mean me and my 3 year old daughter. Everyone else stayed home and enjoyed living it up with Daddy while I was gone. Alaska is so majestic , but it looks a lot like Maine without the glaciers. So while I enjoyed going, I see no need to get back there anytime soon. We went whale watching-which was a highlight for me-, dog sledding, and panning for gold. We found a whole $1 worth. I think it was planted. My Mia loved every moment and it was such a treat to spend some time alone together.




My Little Shipmate


I felt like this crazy lady kept following me around on the ship. Nope, it was just my mom. People always tell us that they thought we were sisters. Either she looks really good, or I look really old. I’ll go with the first one. Lucky for us she brought her own flotation devices!

I accumulated quite a few little treasures in Alaska. I was fortunate to find a Crafters’ Gallery in Juneau on the last day. I had looked and looked for just the right Russian nesting doll when I stumbled across this one. I knew it was the one when I saw the turquoise. A big step away from the run of the mill, Liberace inspired souvenir nesting dolls.


This is a hand painted chicken egg that I fell in love with. The chicken painted on it represents a good marriage and many children. A great fit for me, but it was a little nerve racking getting it home safely. But here it is… sitting atop the piano waiting for Gracie to knock it down.


Oh, it’s good to be back at home! I missed my little munchie, my sweet Aaron, and Davy. I will say that I miss someone making my bed every morning and making me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I never became seasick until I came home. It took me awhile to feel like I wasn’t rocking on a boat. And now that my feet are firmly planted on dry land it’s time to get back to reality. School days, housekeeping, birthday parties, ballet class, and a great deal of sewing! A few orders when I returned home, a couple of home projects, and an upcoming craft show. Whew! Better get busy!


7 thoughts on “Monkey Business

  1. Glad you’re back! Give me a call when you come up for air and are up for coffee or something. Grace was an absolute delight to watch!!!! What a funny little girl; she kept me smiling all day. I know you’re happy to see them again.

  2. Those monkeys are so cute! Not goats at all! My little monkey will be glad to have one.

    I’m wondering if your mom reads your blog??? You’re so funny! Alaska is really beautiful, but it looks cooooold!

    Congrats on getting some orders. It was good to see you yesterday! You should post Grace’s new little dress. Very sweet.

  3. The monkeys are adorable!

    You are the third person that I know of who has just gotten back from an Alaskan Cruise. I guess that this is a good time of the year to go!

  4. Is this the time for Alaskan cruises? My grandma just got back from one! It sounds like you had a nice time.

    You are too funny!

    I think your monkies very much look like monkies, very cute!

  5. You are SO funny!! I’m wondering if your mom reads your blog too. And the monkeys really do look like monkeys. Very cute!

    Looks like a great trip.

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