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E is for Everything in It’s Place…well almost

For some reason, I have been on an organizing quest. I guess it happens when you get a new house. But it has gone way overboard. I have actually labeled the shelves in the linen closet! I have bought little bins for every drawer in the house. I have got little bins for my little bins. Ikea is about an hour away, so when I am there I go nuts!


Today’s mission was the sewing room. I won’t be totally happy until I can slap some paint in there. That’s a little more than I can do during nap time. But I did manage to make this bulletin board. I got this together in about 20 minutes and completely did it all wrong. I actually nailed it to the wall. Hey, I was crunched for time because I spent most of the kids’ nap time reading blogs.


I don’t usually like to use fabric for my own home decor. I have commitment issues when it comes to choosing a fabric, or I just get really greedy and want to stash it away. I have been wanting to use these for awhile. It’s a combination of Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler. I love these 2 together and could not settle on just the right life for it. So I picked it up and decided to use it for myself.  Sometimes you just gotta say,”What the craft!!” I really do like the way it turned out, and apparently it’s there to stay since I nailed it to the wall.


One thought on “E is for Everything in It’s Place…well almost

  1. And there’s the fabric combo! Looks great, Cindy! Did you put foam in there? That’s pretty impressive to get something like that done in 20 minutes, speedy crafter, you.

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