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Officially an Applet


I just got these prints that I have been excitedly waiting for. I bought them on Etsy from The Black Apple. I am so in love with her work. The eyes of her subjects just mesmerize me. It was so hard deciding on which ones I wanted. I got the Salt Meet Pepper for my girls’ room because that is totally them. One is a spitting image of me with tan skin and dark hair, and the little one must have been switched at birth, because she is fair with light hair. And the other print was a romantic scene that looks like it was set during WW2. Plus, the little hedgehog was an added bonus. I just bought a hedgehog beanbag chair from Ikea because it reminded me of her work. Can’t wait to frame these goodies!


o.k. I lied. My next project was not “my next project”. It isn’t even my next project. It never is. I’m so easily sidetracked. But this was on my to do list. I am loving how this quilt turned out. A few unexpected changes, but beautiful nonetheless. I am calling it “Parisian Summer”. Michael Miller fabrics abound in this striped little number. My favorite part is the little ruffly fabric on either end. It is so sweet and innocent. Which is something I am not, which may explain why it seems so novel to me. Sweet, on a good day, innocent…never!

This was one of the biggest things I have made. I think it’s about 54×43 and was a pill getting it in and out and around my machine. I’m curious to know how I was ever able to make nap mats with my old machine, which seemed a great bit smaller. Perseverence. That’s how. I could use some of that right about now, but I’ll settle for a bowl of Reese’s Puffs cereal.


3 thoughts on “Officially an Applet

  1. Hey – the quilt looks great! And that size is big. I struggle with baby quilts and they are usually something like 36×36. No more big quilts for me, unless I can send it off someplace to get it quilted. :o) Maybe when you get a long arm quilting machine, I’ll let you do it for me. Ha!

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