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Kitchenaid Cover Up


I spent last night and tonight perfecting this cover and I can’t take my eyes off of it. When I had decided that I wanted to make a cover for my mixer, I just rushed right into it. I love, love, love how it turned out, but I do regret not making a pattern for it. Who knew I would be happy with it on the first try? I thought about making one, but couldn’t locate my manila folders( which is what I usually cut my patterns from) amongst all of the unpacked boxes. In my mind, we won’t be officially moved in until cars can go in the garage.

I love the silhouette in this print and the celery green. I used a dark brown binding along the bottom and across the top of the pocket. I have never worked with store bought binding before, I usually make my own. I inherited alot from my husband’s granny. This stuff is great!! No ironing? Love it! Although ironing does give me a chance to watch tv while I’m “working”. And there is something to be said about the control you have when you are pressing fabric. I love the hot steam and heat bending and creasing all material at my will. Guess I missed my calling as a dominatrix. oh, well.

I have been wanting to use this Amy Butler fabric for quite some time. But I knew it had to be just the right project. Most of the time I just keep adding to my fabric stash, because I am too particular about how I want to use it. Then it just sits there waiting, and by the time I am ready… I’m sick of looking at it. To heck with the “perfect” project, I am going to start getting busy while I am still excited about it. These are the two that I want to work with next.


I love these two together. It’s Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler. I think the picture is a little distorted because I have no idea how to shrink them before uploading. David!! What, oh what, will it evolve into? For some reason, when I look at this I see pillow case, but I sure don’t need any of those. And that is why I have issues with fabric. The problem is that there are just too many possibilities.  That’s a pretty good problem to have!


6 thoughts on “Kitchenaid Cover Up

  1. Ooo, I see you’re a lover of the new Joel Dewberry stuff too. Isn’t it wonderful? I love the placemats you made in the previous post. I bought the bird print in two other color ways, but was considering the yellow. I think your idea of making a cover for your mixer is a great idea. It sure turned out great!

  2. Love the kitchaid cover up fabric…how about if I were to commision a queen size duvet cover? I’m willing to pay top dollar. do you have a store or someplace I can get your goods online? would love to order. how about a catalouge? christmas is around the corner. This would make great gifts and would you mind if I passed them off as mine to my friends. They will never know…

  3. Any chance you would post a pattern? I’m new to sewing and can follow a pattern, but wouldn’t know where to start to make one. I am obsessed with this and need my own! It’s beautiful.

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