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Sweet Dreams


These are a couple of pillows that I have wanted to make for the longest time. They are made from the softest pink buttercream icing fabric you have ever felt. I used a pink minky dot for the background. The yummy chocolate cupcakes are removable. These would make lovely dream or Tooth Fairy pillows, since you can fill the cute little cupcake liner.

cupcake pillows


I am finally able to sit down and put this up. I have just had a couple of posts, and already that is all I can think of. We have been packing like crazy for our move in 2 weeks. Only 2? I am surrounded by chaos! There is stuff everywhere. Although we have managed to pack like 30 something boxes, it feels as if we haven’t made a dent. We still have to live here for a couple of weeks. I wanted to make paella yesterday, but had already packed the pan I needed. So I had to pop in a frozen pizza. Not an equal trade. But it has been so much fun going through all of our old stuff. The kids’ keepsake boxes, family mementos, and a journal I kept telling about my husband’s proposal to me as well as the day we found out we were pregnant. I can’t wait for my children to read that someday. I am so glad I captured those moments when they were still fresh. We will be spending the summer in Las Vegas, but will truly miss our friends out here. There are already a few who plan to come visit us there. Yay!! I’m also hoping to peddle my wares out there. So if anyone knows anything about the market out there, let me know.

I am kind of at a crossroads with my business. My husband thinks I should totally let go of the craft show world. But I like it cause it’s fun. Another plus is that I always do it with a good friend. I like Etsy, although it has been a little bit of a disappointment. There are a couple of retailers who want to house my products. One wants to buy it all for 30% off and the other wants 40. Do I want to go that route? As a wholesaler? Do I really need the middleman? So much to think about. If anyone out there has any words of wisdom, feel free!!


9 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

  1. Those cushions are brilliant, they will sell really well, everyone likes cupcake stuff, and your pillows are really original. Don’t give up crafting if you love it, only when it becomes a chore, like cleaning which I gave up years ago!!lol

  2. Oh those little cupcake cushions are sooooo cute! I’m sorry I don’t have much wisdom on the craft thing – I feel like I’m in the same boat – or worse, since no one’s even looking at my stuff! :o)

    Yikes! I haven’t been to your house in a while! Who knew that our homes really DID have a lot of storage? I remember that happening to us when we moved. I boxed up so much stuff and it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. Moving day was still a last minute, crazy packing time.

  3. Those cushions are so adorable!
    I have no words of wisdom on selling. so sorry. I guess you’ve got your hands full with moving first, anyway, huh? 😎

  4. Those pillows are sweet. I don’t have alot of advice, either. I guess if someone is willing to buy you out, then your stuff has selling potential, but how much time do you want to put into “selling”it. Just making it takes a lot of time.

  5. I think making money in the craft world is never easy. And I hate shifting so much I’m not sure I am ever going to do it again!!! (I think there comes a time, like having babies, when enough is enough!)

  6. PS – Thanks for your comment on my blog. If you don’t mind posting to NZ, I’d do a fabric swap with you. I have more than enough! If you’re interested (and no worries if you’re not), email me at megan(dot)young(at)

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