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Tut Tut, Looks Like Rain

What a greatly needed day! It was a dark and rainy day today. But I love days like these at times.They are great snuggle up with your honey, stay in bed, do nothing days that everybody needs. I started my day by waking up at 11 this morning. My husband worked from home so he fed the kids breakfast and took my son to school. I live for his telecommutes. And on a Friday? Too good to be true. We are moving to Las Vegas in a few weeks for the summer. Only until our house is finished being built here. And he will be working from home EVERYDAY! I can’t wait. I stayed in my pj’s until 6 pm and spent the day with Joss Stone and my favorite green milk tea. I love hot tea!! When it comes to tea, I am all about equal opportunity. I think I have a tea for my every mood. And that’s a lot. But it was also a very productive day for me. In between lunch, Elmo’s world, and trips to the potty (I have a 2 year old), I managed to get a few blankets done. It’s usually a little frantic for me on Friday’s, because there is an outdoor market I have a booth at on Saturdays.

“Pure Origami”
blanket 4
A beautiful Asian inspired printed cotton with chocolate velour.

“Aqua Fern”

A bright classic botanical print with white minky dot fabric.

blanket 3

“Partridge in a Chocolate Tree”This blanket has so much cocoa in it that it will give you a toothache. A silky soft pink and chocolate printed cotton with chocolate velour.

blanket 2

“Seein’ Spots-Blue”A wonderfully cozy disco dot flannel with white minky dot fabric.



blanket 1

“Boho Bliss”True bohemian fashion. A funky floral fabric with ultra-plush crimson microfiber.

As much as I enjoyed this day, it is still scheduled to rain tomorrow. I did say that that was an outdoor market that I attend. Well, we can’t have it all. Who can be disappointed to news of getting to spend more time with your family? Tomorrow’s forecast is a bright and sunny day whatever the weather outside!! Enjoy your weekend. I’ll leave you with the best thing I’ve heard all day:  ” A mother’s lap is the best place from which to launch a life.” Isn’t that lovely? It makes all of the mundane so worthwhile.



7 thoughts on “Tut Tut, Looks Like Rain

  1. Those blankets are gorgeous!! I can’t believe you can get anything done while potty training. Good for you. I really like the bohemian one, but anyone of those would keep my lap warm. And that is a nice saying ” A mother’s lap is the best place from which to launch a life.” I feel bad for my kids, for my lap hasn’t proven to launch too much!

  2. Wow – you really have been busy! Those look soooo snuggly. You did a great job on the mitered corners – maybe you can give me a lesson sometime. :o)

  3. What beautiful blankets. Do you specialize in them on your stall or do you sell other stuff too? Looking forward to seeing more of your things!

  4. Oh those blankets are just lovely! Wow! I really love the origami one and the blue polka dots! What is the name of the origami fabric, if you don’t mind telling?
    You are quite talented!

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